Raising Awareness For Female Veteran Homelessness

The issue of homelessness among Veterans in the United States is one most people probably have a difficult time coming to terms with. How could we allow our men and women who have served this country to go without basic necessities? A startling new trend is quickly coming into focus. In 2011 the Government AccountabilityContinue Reading “Raising Awareness For Female Veteran Homelessness”


Separation of Women and Combat

A few weeks ago, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta publically announced that women are now be allowed on the front lines. Many women’s rights groups and civil liberties’ groups rejoiced. After “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed it seems as though, logically, this is the next step toward an equal opportunity military. But it is reallyContinue Reading “Separation of Women and Combat”


What being a Veteran Means to Me…

When I tell people I’m a veteran I always feel as though I should qualify it with a “but I’m not really”.  To me a veteran is a man who served in combat and either came back in one piece or as many of our veterans do, came home with a mental or physical injuryContinue Reading “What being a Veteran Means to Me…”