Easy DIY Melted Crayon Valentines

I always have grandiose visions of myself being that mom who bakes all kinds of yummy treats and makes all the cool crafts for each holiday…and then reality sets in. I am usually scrambling last minute to get teacher gifts, birthday presents or whatever Valentine’s Day cards are left on the store shelves. Betty CrockerContinue Reading “Easy DIY Melted Crayon Valentines”


Being Crafty

I remember when I was young and loved doing anything crafty. In one of the schools I attended we, the girls, were taught how to sew and knit and the boys where taught woodwork. A bit sexist? Possibly. But I don’t recall any young girls having a problem with it. Like the boys, we wereContinue Reading “Being Crafty”

DIY/Crafts Homefront

My Pinterest Addiction: 10 Great Ideas For You!

I’ll admit it; I’m totally addicted to Pinterest. You don’t know what Pinterest is? WHAT?!  Well it’s a place where you can collect recipes, craft ideas, organizational ideas and anything else you could possibly think of. You “pin” what you want to keep and put it on different categories onto your “boards.” When you clickContinue Reading “My Pinterest Addiction: 10 Great Ideas For You!”