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Happy Ending

Happy Ending  My husband has PTSD and the last six years have not been what I would call a joyous journey, but I feel like the last month my frustration level has risen 500 levels and not even because of his PTSD. I have been so blessed through this experience to have met some amazingContinue Reading “Happy Ending”

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A Life with PTSD

A few years ago, Bob Woodruff of ABC Nightly News came to my home near Kansas City, Missouri.  He had read or heard of an article in which my (now ex) husband and I had been interviewed.  In the original article published in a local news magazine we had been very candid about our strugglesContinue Reading “A Life with PTSD”

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Get a Grip on Stress! (Part 7 – Meditation)

“I didn’t think HE was one of those ‘new age’ guys.” One of my co-workers heard this from her friend following a lecture I did. The reason? I mentioned using MEDITATION to decrease stress. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider meditation as “new age.” In fact, it’s extremely old school. It’sContinue Reading “Get a Grip on Stress! (Part 7 – Meditation)”