5 Tips For Settling After A Deployment

After you come home from a deployment, it could be hard to reintegrate yourself back into normal life. It’s not easy to slide right back into your family life, with friends and relatives dropping by as before. You’ve changed, and so have things back home. While it’s a challenge to find decent communication grounds reconnectContinue Reading “5 Tips For Settling After A Deployment”


Deployment Blues

Poor, poor pitiful me…that’s been my outlook for the last couple months. I didn’t want to see anyone, I didn’t want to do anything – I wanted to sulk. You see, I wanted to be superwoman but it wasn’t working out. I’m not superwoman and I’m never going to be superwoman. I had to comeContinue Reading “Deployment Blues”

Homefront National Guard/Reserve

His Independence Day

My neighborhood was echoing with explosions. On the way home that night, the sky was a gorgeous purple-blue. A huge fireworks show lit up the Illinois cornfields. I veered off to a country road for a minute, and watched them in silence, feeling my heart skip with every boom. I tried not to think aboutContinue Reading “His Independence Day”