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Veteran’s Administration Overhaul

  Veteran’s Administration Overhaul Former US Army General and Joint Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki is no stranger to headlines and reporters asking difficult questions. When he took over the role of Director of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), a post that very rarely sees the spotlight, he must have thought those stressful days were behind him.Continue Reading “Veteran’s Administration Overhaul”

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Dear Service Member: A Letter From Congress

Dear Service Member: A Letter From Congress Dear Service Member, Your voice doesn’t matter to me. Your service doesn’t matter to me. The promise made with your oath doesn’t matter to me. You don’t matter. You are expendable. Your physical and mental wounds of war do not matter. Your marriages lost, do not matter. Your childhoods missed,Continue Reading “Dear Service Member: A Letter From Congress”


Government Shutdown: How the Heck Did We Get Here?

When I tell people I work for the Homefront United Network, a blog for military families, I am asked questions about current events affecting our readers. Lately I’ve been fielding many questions about sequestration and the looming government shut down.  I have to explain that I am not an economist or an expert on the federalContinue Reading “Government Shutdown: How the Heck Did We Get Here?”