My Five Secrets for a Lasting Marriage

As my anniversary approaches at the end of the month, I find myself reflecting on my marriage. My wedding day seems like a lifetime ago. My husband and I are two completely different people now than we were on that day eleven years go. However, we have grown closer as we’ve matured and we canContinue Reading “My Five Secrets for a Lasting Marriage”

Military Martha

Ask Military Martha- Discouraged Army Wife

Dear Martha, 

I recently found out that my husband will deploy for the third time. He should get out soon and we were hoping our days of deployments are over. I was, or thought I was, prepared to hear that he would deploy. But Martha I am heart broken I’m not sure why I amContinue Reading “Ask Military Martha- Discouraged Army Wife”

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Let’s talk about Sex

I hesitated to write this series of articles for several reasons.  My first hesitation was because I don’t consider myself to be an expert on anything remotely sexual.  To look at me you wouldn’t see a sex kitten waiting to pounce, you’d see a wrinkled blood hound napping on the front porch.  My other hesitationContinue Reading “Let’s talk about Sex”

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Deployment, What’s a Parent To Do? Part 2

  COMMUNICATION DURING DEPLOYMENT The need for parents to communicate with and do everything possible for their child kicks into overdrive when the child is deployed.  We are blessed to live in a time when there are several ways for families to communicate with those deployed. However, first and foremost we must have their correctContinue Reading “Deployment, What’s a Parent To Do? Part 2”