General Mills Military Region Savings Program

We didn’t always shop at the commissary, especially since as a National Guard family, we live off post. But after hearing friends rave about the savings, I told my husband that I wanted to check out the prices and compare it to our local supermarket. I was shocked, I could not believe how much we savedContinue Reading “General Mills Military Region Savings Program”


Commissary Rewards Card, Coming Soon!

How great would it be to go shopping at the commissary and save even more off your groceries?! Now you can with the new rewards card! Later this fall the Commissary Reward Card will be availble for use on future purchase savings as well as on the spot savings with redeeming coupons electronically at the checkout.Continue Reading “Commissary Rewards Card, Coming Soon!”


Save Big at the Commissary!

Betty Crocker … Expertise from our kitchens and yours. It’s easy to save money on your favorite brands with printable grocery coupons. Great savings are only a click away, Butterball® – Save big with these offers Create the perfect meal and save money! Check out  and any of their partners, and treat yourContinue Reading “Save Big at the Commissary!”


Your Commissary Benefit: A Not-so-hidden Gem

Save 30 Percent. Did you know that you could save money by shopping at your installation’s commissary? Your commissary is your grocery store, which carries the name brand products you have come to know and love at a tax-free, discounted price. On average, commissary shoppers can save up to 30 percent on their grocery billsContinue Reading “Your Commissary Benefit: A Not-so-hidden Gem”