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Transfer Realisms

Transferring is one of those inevitable realities that come around for us all. Each one of us has our own routines and rituals that we do each and every time we transfer some of them may not make any sense to anyone else, but we do them anyway. We do them because they comfort us.Continue Reading “Transfer Realisms”

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The world of the Coast Guard has once again been rocked to its core. Four of its members have been lost. Coast Guard members and their families have been hit with the hard reality of this life. When they sign the papers to enter the Coast Guard, the member is generally aware of the possibleContinue Reading “Reality”

Coast Guard

You’re Doing What?

Transfer time is an excitingly stressful time for anyone in the military. They are preparing to leave behind the friends they’ve made and the home they’ve become accustomed to. Most families in the military have the capability to truly make each location feel like home. This means, in a sense, each time they transfer, theyContinue Reading “You’re Doing What?”

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Oh, so, you are a Coast Guard Spouse?

I have been living in our new location for a year and a half now. I love the Coast and I love the community. What I have some hang-ups about are (1) school curriculum and (2) what seems to be job discrimination. Last year, when I attended one of the parent meetings at the elementaryContinue Reading “Oh, so, you are a Coast Guard Spouse?”