Courage Cakes Review

Courage Cakes is a company that was founded by six business students from the University of Washington in Seattle as a way for people to show appreciation for our troops. When I spoke to the Marketing Manager at Courage Cakes he shared with me that their mission is to platform a product that will allowContinue Reading “Courage Cakes Review”

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My Pinterest Addiction: 10 Great Ideas For You!

I’ll admit it; I’m totally addicted to Pinterest. You don’t know what Pinterest is? WHAT?!  Well it’s a place where you can collect recipes, craft ideas, organizational ideas and anything else you could possibly think of. You “pin” what you want to keep and put it on different categories onto your “boards.” When you clickContinue Reading “My Pinterest Addiction: 10 Great Ideas For You!”

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Deployment Care Packages Part 2

  Since my last article got such a great response (thank you!) and we received a lot of wonderful feedback from you, I wanted to continue and see if we can generate even more ideas. When my husband deploys again next year I want to send boxes that will surprise him and put a smileContinue Reading “Deployment Care Packages Part 2”

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Sending Care Packages

The day my son told us he was being deployed, I decided I would be the best “P & P” (prayers and packages) mom possible. The prayers came easily since I had always prayed for my children, but the thought of care packages baffled me. I soon learned there was much more to it thanContinue Reading “Sending Care Packages”