Remembering 9/11: A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten

Post Originally Published On 09/11/11 Today is September 11th.  Over a decade has passed since the unfathomable terrorist attacks that left the United States stricken with grief, yet also united in our steadfast love for our country. For two weeks I’ve been composing this post in my head, and I could never seem to getContinue Reading “Remembering 9/11: A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten”

Faith/Encouragement Homefront Veterans

Honk if You Love the USA!

This past weekend, as we remembered the events of 9/11, the citizens of this country united in their sorrow and memories. Differences were put aside to honor the memory of those who were lost that day and in the days/years that followed, as well as to honor our military and first responders. One of theContinue Reading “Honk if You Love the USA!”

Faith/Encouragement Homefront Parents/Family

Ten Years Later, a Mother’s Perspective

Sitting on our sofa with tears streaming down my face my heart already ached for my 20-year-old son who was leaving that day for his second deployment. His unit was on their way to Iraq after being stateside just seven months upon returning from Afghanistan.  One ironic aspect of Brian deploying today was the date;Continue Reading “Ten Years Later, a Mother’s Perspective”


Remembering 9/11

Photo Credit: Google Images I remember growing up and my parents would tell my brother and I where they were or what they were doing when President Kennedy was killed, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon or the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now I sit here writing and remembering 9/11. I had justContinue Reading “Remembering 9/11”