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As families of the National Guard, we face challenges when our spouses and loved ones are called to duty. We especially face these challenges within both military and civilian communities, because many just don’t understand who we are and what we do.

We aren’t “Weekend Warriors” anymore, so much has changed and we want you to know all about it…

Want to learn more about our citizen service members? No worries, that’s what we are here for!natgd_lg

Who is the National Guard?

A little history for you…

On December 13, 1636, the first military branch was born! The U.S. National Guard was originally organized for a drill in Salem, Massachusetts as a militia group, but has been serving our country, both nationally and abroad since then.

The National Guard is made up of two branches:

• Army National Guard
• Air National Guard

The National Guard, although it is a reserve military force, functions differently than reserve units. The Guard is composed of military members and units in each state.

If you serve part time, meaning you are not serving as Active Guard & Reserve, most National Guard soldiers and airmen have civilian jobs while still serving  in the National Guard.

Active Guard Reserve (AGR), are soldiers and airmen serving in the National Guard under active duty orders. This means they are active duty military. They run units and provide full-time support to the National Guard. This means they lead, organize, recruit, instruct and train the part time members.

We have various missions…

The National Guard is a joint activity of the DoD, and can be mobilized for federal active duty in an effort to support during times of war or national emergency declared by Congress, the President or the Secretary of Defense. They can also be activated for service in their state for a state of emergency by the governor.

So that’s the National Guard in a nut-shell. Want to learn more about the Guard and what we do? Visit our Guard Guide for fun facts, or our branch specific pages, Army Guard and Air Guard, for more detailed information for each branch.


“When you call out the Guard and Reserve, you call out America.” – Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum

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