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Traveling With Kids During the Holidays = Not Fun

Most of us, if not all of us in the military, have lived away from family during the holiday seasons. We have all experienced the guilt of not being able to make it for the holidays or not being able to see everyone. We have all felt the anguish when our loved one missed aContinue Reading “Traveling With Kids During the Holidays = Not Fun”


The Best Destinations in the Meditteranean

The Meditteranean coast offers amazing azure seas, long stretches of golden sands, and sunshine all year round. A Mediterranean vacation will be one which you’ll never forget, so much so that you might even consider Malta should you wish to live in another country abroad. Residing in the Mediterranean has its numerous benefits, whether youContinue Reading “The Best Destinations in the Meditteranean”


5 Tips for Your First Time in Malta

Visiting a country for the first time is always exciting. There’s a lot about Malta that makes it stand out and lure in plenty of pleased tourists every year. From its gorgeous beaches, tasty traditional food, local summer festivities, astounding heritage, spectacular views, and more, visiting Malta always leaves travelers wanting to come back forContinue Reading “5 Tips for Your First Time in Malta”