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COVID-19 Resources for Military Families

We will be updating this page daily as new resources are added. Please email us at if you have any questions. Financial Resources: Military Saves Official Coronavirus Military Response Sites: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE COAST GUARD NATIONAL GUARD Additional Guidance on COVID-19 Military Pay and Personnel Benefits Military Personnel Q/A Military Personnel Guidance

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Price of Housing Forcing Vets Out of Their Home States

Latest data from the US Census Bureau is suggesting that some states are rapidly losing their military vets. For instance, California lost 48% of its per capita veteran community between 2000 and 2016. Further analysis of the data reveals that people who have served in the armed forces are more likely to flee a state whereContinue Reading “Price of Housing Forcing Vets Out of Their Home States”

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Never For a Parade

I’ve been a military spouse for over a decade, my husband has served for two. He’s given twenty years to this nation – meaning he joined during a time of peace. His time has deployed him to three regions, taken years from his family, made him a strong leader, a hard-worker, and a deeply-devoted soldier.Continue Reading “Never For a Parade”


Should Americans Be Considering Medical Tourism?

Large numbers of Americans have embraced medical tourism. With the extremely high cost of paying for medical procedures out of pocket, many patients find that medical tourism provides the only means of receiving the desired treatments. Though travel costs add thousands to the total cost of a procedure, in many cases, the savings easily offsetContinue Reading “Should Americans Be Considering Medical Tourism?”