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Military Martha Accepts #DropandGiveMe20 Challenge!

Here is the challenge ya’ll- “In the month of November we’re asking everyone to accept the #DropandGiveMe20 challenge to support our veterans, military members and military families. The idea is to do 20 pushups or any form of exercise you are able to within 24 hours or donate up to $200 (donate what you canContinue Reading “Military Martha Accepts #DropandGiveMe20 Challenge!”

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Army Events Dress Code-Decoded: Part 2

In my last article ya’ll, I gave you my three R’s for dressing appropriately for an Army event. Well what I didn’t explain was how ya’ll can decode the code based on what uniform your husband is wearin’. Here are my examples- all these outfits you can find at your local Macy’s or online atContinue Reading “Army Events Dress Code-Decoded: Part 2”

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Army Events Dress Code-Decoded: Part 1

Granny always said, “If ya ain’t got nothin’ nice to say, come sit next to me.” Well pull up a chair ya’ll cause I got some not nice things to say about how spouses dress. In the 17 years I’ve been married to SGM Martha I’ve been to countless military functions, and the one thingContinue Reading “Army Events Dress Code-Decoded: Part 1”

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How to Take Great Photos

Howdy ya’ll- It’s that time of year when we’re all gatherin’ around the campfires, picnic tables and grills. Aside from good food, the company is just as important. One of my favorite things is to photograph my loved ones so we’ll have the memory of that fine day for years to come! The problem isContinue Reading “How to Take Great Photos”