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Not Ready to Let Go of the Military? Consider This.

Your ETS date is almost here. You still don’t know exactly what you are going to do with yourself after you get out. You have a job lined up, but you are not sure if it is going to be fulfilling enough. You are ready to get out of the military yet at the sameContinue Reading “Not Ready to Let Go of the Military? Consider This.”

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Army Emergency Relief Expands Assistance for National Guard

The Army Emergency Relief program has expanded its financial assistance eligibility for Army National Guard and Reserve Soldiers impacted by COVID-19 missions or policy. Reserve and National Guard personnel mobilized in support of COVID-19 relief efforts can now request AER support upon Title 10 or Title 32 activation. Soldiers can also receive AER assistance forContinue Reading “Army Emergency Relief Expands Assistance for National Guard”

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COVID-19 Resources for Military Families

We will be updating this page daily as new resources are added. Please email us at info@homefrontunited.com if you have any questions. Financial Resources: Military Saves Official Coronavirus Military Response Sites: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE COAST GUARD NATIONAL GUARD Additional Guidance on COVID-19 Military Pay and Personnel Benefits Military Personnel Q/A Military Personnel Guidance

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Solo Parenting: How to Survive While Your Spouse is Away

243 days 5,832 hours 350,633 minutes Any way you look at the above numbers, it can be a pretty frightening thought of having to solo parent for 8 months. Parenting with your spouse is daunting enough, but when doing it alone – the stakes are higher. A recent military separation from my Army National GuardContinue Reading “Solo Parenting: How to Survive While Your Spouse is Away”