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Dear President-Elect

Dear President-Elect Trump, On Friday, with the world watching, you will raise your right hand and take the oath of office – the oath of the highest office held in our nation. I will be watching. My children will be watching. People who supported you and people who didn’t will stand in silence and watchContinue Reading “Dear President-Elect”


It Could Have Been My Child

We need to get a bit real here. Like grab-a-cup-of-coffee-lean-in-on-the-couch-and listen-a-bit-real. I’ve lost my child. If you think for a moment, you know you’ve probably lost your child. You remember that feeling too well. Your body is tensing up and your stomach feels uneasy. You don’t have to think. You know; you don’t forget that.Continue Reading “It Could Have Been My Child”


Dreams in Action: Spouses Prove More is Possible

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. – I noticed the minivans right away. The minute I pulled into the very last parking space in the lot, I noticed the minivans and the kids’ sports team stickers. There was a simple sign outside marking the brand. I sat in the break area while waiting a few minutes for Cameron,Continue Reading “Dreams in Action: Spouses Prove More is Possible”

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Dear National Guard and Reserve Spouse

Dear National Guard and Reserve Spouse, I see you. I see that you are just like me. That you fight back the same tears, straighten the same shoulders, and force that same last, little smile when you watch him walk away not knowing if that is the last time. I see you hold those sameContinue Reading “Dear National Guard and Reserve Spouse”