Military Saves Month Comes to an End, but Your Savings Continues

Military Saves Month, a component of America Saves, has partnered with the Department of Defense for years to encourage healthy finances for military families. With the United States military in limbo right now, between budget cuts and force reduction, preparing for one’s future might not be at the forefront of many minds. Preparing for one’sContinue Reading “Military Saves Month Comes to an End, but Your Savings Continues”


8 Pin-Worthy Summer Fun Ideas

Summer is here, which means time to start scanning Pinterest pages for fun ideas to keep busy. While the majority of us can only dream of pulling off a successful ‘Pin-worth’ experience to perfection, summer is for fun and silliness. I’ve made white chocolate dipped Oreos for 4th of July, several attempts at slime andContinue Reading “8 Pin-Worthy Summer Fun Ideas”


The Invisible Line of Parenting

“The invisible line of parenting,”-it’s a phrase I coined, and one I should probably consider copyrighting. It starts like this; you’re going along doing something that is working for your child or children, then one day out of nowhere you’ve crossed the invisible line. That certain something you’ve been doing suddenly isn’t working. Why? BecauseContinue Reading “The Invisible Line of Parenting”


5 Organizations That Military Service Members and Spouses Give To

Over the last fifteen years, we have seen many military-related nonprofits form. Some have been around for decades, others are new organizations, born out of all the needs that the war has created. Organizations such as Military Spouse JD Network (MSJDN), began when a group of attorneys realized that they shouldn’t have to lose theirContinue Reading “5 Organizations That Military Service Members and Spouses Give To”