So You’ve Got Orders to Okinawa…

It’s about that time of year. Service members are receiving orders for the upcoming PCS season and Okinawa, Japan seems to be a hot spot. I have received an influx of messages asking for advice from those who’ve obtained orders. I won’t ever forget my dramatic reaction to the news that we’d be moving toContinue Reading “So You’ve Got Orders to Okinawa…”


5 Ways to Make Resolutions Last

Making My Resolutions Last The month of January has always been a fickle one. It is a month where all your expectations and desires for New Year’s Resolutions are born and sadly begin to die. We inaugurate our New Year with extreme confidence in set goals while celebrating a chance to start fresh once again.Continue Reading “5 Ways to Make Resolutions Last”


Personal Thoughts from Overseas: Government Shutdown

It seems that every year, weeks before October 1st, the threat of a government shutdown looms and military families are left hanging and wondering what if. These threats have happened time and time again throughout the past few years. And with a resolved budget and barely any repercussions, as a military spouse I feel asContinue Reading “Personal Thoughts from Overseas: Government Shutdown”

Deployment/PCS Homefront

Intimacy After Deployment: Will We Still Have That Spark?

It’s 10 p.m.  Standing on the flight deck, I am freezing. Yet the bitter bite of the wind isn’t noticeable through shaken nerves. I am alone with my thoughts as friends stand around me. I feel pressure. Pressure to feel some sort of whirl-wind excitement. Pressure to cry and yell out his name. As IContinue Reading “Intimacy After Deployment: Will We Still Have That Spark?”