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Last Minute Ideas for Easter

Last Minute Ideas for Easter… Easter has snuck up on me and now I only have a few days to pull something together! Eek! Let’s face it, holidays can be hectic for military families, especially if your spouse is deployed. So I’ve put together a list of fun and easy last minute ideas for Easter!Continue Reading “Last Minute Ideas for Easter”

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Hot Topic: No Honor in This Honor Guard

Hot Topic: No Honor in This Honor Guard I have attended a military funeral. There’s nothing else quite like it – nothing that can quite prepare you for the emotion that stirs in your soul. It was heartbreaking, yet when the honor guard slowly walked out carrying the colors, my heart filled with pride andContinue Reading “Hot Topic: No Honor in This Honor Guard”

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Government Shutdown: A Reservist Spouse View

Government Shutdown: A Reservist Spouse View I’m watching President Obama give a speech about the government shutdown and he’s angry.  He’s raising his voice and is clearly frustrated, so are the American people.  We’re ready for this to stop.  We’re ready for the government to start working again and to resume our normal lives.  ThisContinue Reading “Government Shutdown: A Reservist Spouse View”


Deployment Blues

Poor, poor pitiful me…that’s been my outlook for the last couple months. I didn’t want to see anyone, I didn’t want to do anything – I wanted to sulk. You see, I wanted to be superwoman but it wasn’t working out. I’m not superwoman and I’m never going to be superwoman. I had to comeContinue Reading “Deployment Blues”