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Lisa White married a Marine in December of 2004. As with many young military wives, she knew very little about what military life entailed. The first few years seemed too good to be true, as her husband trained for his specialty without deploying and Lisa was able to obtain her Master’s degree in Health Education. Three deployments, five duty stations, and two kids later, Lisa has discovered the true difficulties and frustrations of military life and has had her fair share of challenges. However, she was able to overcome them by continually seeking inspiration along the way. After her husband’s third deployment, Lisa felt pulled to share her experiences with other military wives.  In her blog, A Chance to Bloom, she aims to provide inspiration and encouragement to others for finding contentment and joy in military life and understanding the lessons they are faced with along the way.

In keeping with her educational background, Lisa additionally contributes health-related articles to the Homefront United Network in hopes that she can help others learn how to strive for healthier lifestyles.

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