8 Outdoor Adventures You Can Have With Your Pets

8 Outdoor Adventures You Can Have With Your Pets

You can take your pets on many of your outdoor adventures which include camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and skiing.

You get great satisfaction when you can share something pleasurable with your pet including an outdoor trip right? The lucrative touring industry has also identified this pet-loving people’s tendency and they offer many pet-friendly trips year-round. However, at this point, you may be wondering what are some amazing outdoor adventures with your Fido which you can arrange yourself without resorting to a commercial touring agent? Don’t worry. In this post, we will discuss 5 amazing outdoor trips where your pet will also accompany you.

  • Camping

We found camping is the most suitable outdoor activity that you can share with your fido. Dogs also greatly love camping as it lets them play with you in open space. No confinement. If you don’t like human interaction on a camping trip, your dog will be a nice companion to you. You can walk with him and both of you can enjoy sight-seeing. Both of you can also board a boat in a shallow river and then you can paddle the boat to give your dog some boat trip pleasure. No doubt. No outdoor activity is as great as camping where dog-loving people can take their pets along with them.  

  • Kayaking

Kayaking is another outdoor activity where you can take your dog along with you. Yes, it’s possible. Don’t be afraid of taking your lovely dog to a river, lake, or even in the ocean. If you have a spacious, durable, and stable kayak, then taking your dog with you on a kayaking trip is not a big issue. Your pet is a good swimmer. In addition, if you bring a personal floating device or PFD in a kayaking trip where your dog is your kayaking partner, your 4 feet furry friend is completely secure from drowning. To enhance the safety of your dog, it’s also a good idea to give your dog some kayak related training. For example, you can take your dog to a kayak to get him introduced to the watercraft before your actual journey. In this way, your dog will also be able to overcome fear and anxiety about a vessel that is completely unknown to him. If kayaking with your dog appears to you quite interesting and you want to purchase a dog friendly kayak, Kayakfisherly site will help you to find one such kayak.   

  • Fishing

Fishing is a relaxing activity. Your dog can be your good company on a fishing trip. One encouraging news for you is some dogs enjoy staying around water. So, if you own one such dog, taking him near to water on your fishing trip would not be a problem.  For small dog owners, placing a dog on a fishing vessel and taking him to a fishing vessel is not a problem. However, not all dogs are equal. Some dogs may scare fish away from you. If you have one such dog, keep him a bit away from where you are fishing.

  • Hiking

Hiking is a useful aerobic exercise. This outdoor activity is beneficial for your heart and leg muscles. By going up and downhill you can also increase the intensity of your workout. However, what’s more, interesting is dogs love hiking too. Another good news for you in this regard, you will find many pet-friendly hiking trails. These trails offer different facilities for dogs. Like camping, hiking lets dogs enjoy the outdoors. However, make sure that you keep a leash so that your dog doesn’t disturb others. Another important thing is to start hiking with your dog on easy shaded trails. And, try to avoid those trails where your dog may encounter other animals like sheep, horses, or cows. It is because your dog may don’t like the company of other animals. 

  • Cycling

If you love cycling after the sunset, you can easily incorporate your dog into your jaunt. Attach a pet trailer with your bike and place your dog on it. That’s it. You can take him anywhere you like. You can also let him run while you are riding your bike slowly. This way both you and your pet will get much needed physical exercise.  There are other options too when it comes to carrying a dog on a bike. These are in a big basket with a rack, strapping a small basket at the rear side or on your shoulder. The last option that is carrying your dog over your shoulder will certainly draw other people’s attention on the street.

  • Skiing

Don’t stop your outdoor adventure with your pet even in the cold winter. Take your dog to a ski trail and both of you follow the grey wolf track there.  Don’t hesitate to take your dog to a ski trail since it is highly unlikely that he will resist walking there. However, make sure that your dog can walk 12 miles each day before taking him to a ski trail. 

  • Dog Park

Dog parks are a place where your dog will love to go to. It is because the place is designed for dogs to play and exercise off-leash. Dog parks are usually formed by a group of pet-loving people who like to gather their dogs in a place where all of their dogs will play together and thus enjoying quality time. The size of dog parks vary. Sometimes they could be acres or miles of land. They could also be as small as an acre of land. Dog parks are a safe place for your dogs where they do some exercise. Keep in mind that exercise is essential for both you and your pet. So, don’t exclude him from doing a workout. Another advantage of a dog park is our society is less reluctant to welcome your dog when you take your fido it to a restaurant, amusement park, or cinemas. In this regard, a dog park is ready to welcome your pet. 

  • Pet-Friendly Beach

Not all beaches allow you to take your dog there. Yes, a sandy beach is another place where you can take your dog and play Frisbee with him there. The activity will also give your dog a good workout. And, the dog will also enjoy running errands on the beach.


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