Fun facts about online slots

Not everybody is familiar with the history and inner workings of online slots at Slots UK. The following are quirky facts which some players may not know at all! 

Slots actually Originated in the Nineteenth Century! 

It may be hard to believe but slots have actually been around for many years now, they are older than any of the people who are currently playing them! Of course, they look a lot different now than they did when they were first created. 

  1.  The very first slot machine was built by a man named Charles Fey, sometime around 1895.
  2. This slot was known as the ‘Liberty bell’ and it is unrecognisable when compared to slots of today.
  3. The ‘Liberty bell’ used symbols from playing cards as it reels such as hearts, diamonds and spades. There were even symbols used which would become commonplace in later years such as a bell and horseshoes.
  4. To win all players had to do was get a line of liberty bells, they would then be treated to the slot machines automatic payout feature. 

Slots will Always be Random 

Modern slots are quite a bit different from their earliest iterations, perhaps the biggest difference is the fact that they are always random. This is achieved through the RNG or random number generator, this piece of software means that the reels always spin at complete random. There is no pattern which can be predicted and the reels will not adjust their spin depending on how much a player bets, there is simply no way to influence the outcome. 

RTP is Different depending on whether you are using a Land or Online Slot 

Most players will have heard about the RTP, this percentage lets them know how much return they can expect to see over a period of time. It is an incredibly common place and most players decide what slot they are going to play based on what the RTP percentage is. However, what some players don’t know is that the RTP of a slot will be different depending on if you are playing online or in a land based casino. Usually, land based slots will have a lower RTP when compared to online slots. There are lots of reasons for this but the main are that land based slots require much more maintenance than online slots, meaning that the casino has to spend more money running them. 

Slot Themes 

The themes of today’s slots are incredibly versatile, every slot that is released will have a theme of some kind. Some are much more common than others, below are just a few slot themes. 

●     Ancient Egypt is a popular theme for players.

●     Movie/TV properties are becoming increasingly used as the basis for slot themes.

●     Festive slots such as halloween or christmas slots are always well liked around that special time of year. 


As these facts prove, online slots are a lot more interesting that they may initially appear. Who would have honestly guessed that slots are older than any person currently alive today or that the RTP differs depending on whether you are playing on land or online.


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