5 Things to Check before you Deposit on a Slot Site

Can you imagine taking an avid fan of early slot machines in the late 19th century and showing them the awe-inspiring modern world of online slots and online slot sites? Slots have evolved by such a ridiculously large amount that they are pretty much unrecognisable to the original era of the Liberty Bell machine – us gamblers have been well and truly treated! 

Furthermore, slot gamblers in the 21st century have an outrageous amount of choice when it comes to which games to play, and also where to play them – try Mad Mad Monkey. There are probably tens of thousands of slots sites out there today, however not all of them are as good as each other! When you deposit on a slot site you need to make sure that the online casino is licensed and regulated, for example, and that they have a good selection of games too. But anyway, let’s get into 5 things to check before you deposit on a slot site. 

1.       Check the game catalogue: This might seem like a no-brainer to people, but it’s so incredibly important to check the game catalogue of a slot site before you actually deposit any money. The reason why? Well, imagine depositing a fairly hefty sum of money, only to find that the slots site in question doesn’t actually have any of the slot games you want to play. It would be outrageously annoying!

2.       Check the slot site is licensed and regulated: Whilst there have been major strides over the last several decades to make the casino industry a lot less associated with organised crime, you can never stamp it out for good. As a result it is crucial that you check the licensing and regulation of the slot site you want to deposit with. They must have a license from the UK Gambling Commission, if not you could easily open yourself up to things like fraud.

3.       Check the bonus promotions: The online casino business is a very competitive one these days, which has led to slots sites offering a range of bonus promotions to encourage gamblers to play with them. It is always a good idea to check the bonus promotions of a few different slots sites first, just so you know that you are getting the best deal possible.

4.       Check the platform compatibility: This is something many people forget about, but if you are looking to play slots on your mobile device you simply have to check that the slots site in question is optimised for mobile devices, if not you’ve got a very serious problem on your hands.

5.       Check the customer support: Hopefully you’ll never have any problems big enough to contact customer support on a slots site, but what if you do? It is critical that the slots site you have chosen has good customer support options, or you could be left without any help at all when trying to sort out something like erroneous winnings.


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