Throw a Last-Minute Halloween Party on a Budget

Throw a Last-Minute Halloween Party on a Budget

Halloween is a week away, and that means ghoulish (or pretty) costumes, candy, and Halloween parties. We have three young girls – two of whom already understand the amazingness that is candy and one who I’m sure will have a good idea of it once the night is through. And if you’re anything like our family, we love to have a group of friends or neighbors to share in the chaos that is trick-or-treating.

The military life affords us with one unique pleasure – living (or going) onto base for a fun, safe, and family-friendly neighborhood wide trick-or-treating experience. You will see the streets lined with kids running around in costumes and parents standing on front lawns chatting. There will be tables of potluck foods and drinks for friends to share. When trick-or-treating on base you have the opportunity to experience a neighborhood block-party just like the ones you see in the movies. But in this age of Pinterest-style party throwing, these types of things can suck the life out of the event due to the stress of creating the perfectly themed food items and the high cost. Below are a list of cute, yet budget friendly Halloween party ideas that you can do quick without breaking the bank.

Create a Theme

The easiest way to make your party appear put together with minimal effort is to first figure out a theme. Obviously in this case the overarching theme will be Halloween. But do you want scary Halloween with blood soaked eyeball candies and skulls? Do you want cute Halloween characters like smiling bats and joyful pumpkins? Traditional black and orange, or a more modern purple, blue, and black?


There are a million choices in decor and food items to choose from, but once you’ve narrowed down your options it can be easier to find what you’re looking for. For this Halloween party we decided to go simple with a potluck style while we provided funky cupcakes, ghoulish drinks, and cookie decorating for the kids.


Let’s be honest- the only people who actually care notice about what any of the treats look like at a party are the adults. And even then, most of us say “Sweet, cupcakes!” The easiest way to make your cupcakes look cute with minimal effort is themed cupcake liners. We love these ones from Chef Craft – they went along with our “cute” Halloween theme and they were dark enough even after being baked that you could see the images on the liners still.

Want to know another great trick? Let your kids help decorate the cupcakes! Not only does it let them in on the fun, but it also gives you the ability to blame the messy decorating on them instead of your lack of skill with an icing bag. Another way to have some yummy treats but get the guests involved is to make spooky Halloween-shaped cookies and allow them to decorate them during the party. Chef Craft offers a plethora of cookie cutter shapes for this occasion.


Most party goers like options to choose from, and for a Halloween party you want to be sure you have options for the kids. You can never go wrong with water bottles and juice boxes, but a budget-friendly way to spice up your decor is to get themed plastic cups. These cups by Chef Craft are affordable and safe for kids. With some colored straws you have perfectly cohesive theme going.


Below are some fun juice recipes for you and your guests to enjoy:
Wormy Orange Punch
Ghoul Punch
Monster Gut Punch


Outdoor Halloween decor is easy to come by. Just walk into your local home store or Target and you will find blow up characters, sticky webs, and giant spiders. If you’re looking to spruce up your inside on the cheap, check out the Dollar Spot in Target. They often have fun, kid-friendly Halloween decor for $3-$5. Chef Craft also offers window clings like the ones below for cute-ish decor that can be moved and played with during the party. They are made from a thicker material compared to other window clings, so you don’t have to worry about kids ripping them to pieces.

Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages, but throwing a party doesn’t have to blow your budget. A few simple treats for a potluck style get-together along with some themed decor makes for a fun party that everyone will enjoy. So get out that wig, put on that mask, and get yourself set to do the Monster Mash! Don’t worry if you’re too scary- PMO will let you off with a warning this time.

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Chef Craft. All opinions are my own.*


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