How RV Vacations are an Affordable Option for Military Families

How RV Vacations are an Affordable Option for Military Families

RV vacations cost between 27 and 62 percent less than other types of family vacations, according to the CBRE Hotels Advisory Group. If you’re looking for a fun way to see America with your kids, and you want to spend as little cash as possible, why not plan a family RV vacation?

This budget-friendly vacation option will allow you to bond with your children as you explore. Whether you’re at the wheel of an RV as a solo parent or have your spouse with you to share the driving and parenting duties, you’ll find that an RV vacation is a great way to create fond memories, without blowing a lot of cash. Careful planning is the key to maximizing savings.

The following tips will help you to plan an affordable trip that’s also unforgettable.

Figure Out an Itinerary

Deciding where you’ll travel with the family on your RV vacation should be your first step. Once you’ve set your heart on a route, decide how many days you will spend RV’ing with your brood. The next step is researching campsites along the way. Some campsites have different RV hookups than others, so the hookup setups at the campsites that you prefer may influence which type of RV you decide to rent. If you own an RV, look for campsites that allow you to utilize all the features of your recreational vehicle. Some campsites don’t even have electricity, so do your research before you book.   

Rent the right RV

If you do need to rent a recreational vehicle, bear in mind that RVs come in many different shapes and sizes, with differing features and amenities. Your first consideration should be your vacation budget. Create a vacation budget and then decide how much of your vacation funds you can spend on renting an RV.

Once you’ve figured out your budget, you should consider how many beds you’ll need for yourself and family members. Knowing what your budget is, as well as the number of beds that will be needed, will help to point you towards RVs that suit your needs. When you do target searches for RVs with the right number of beds, that fit your price range, you won’t be as likely to fall in love with huge, ultra-luxurious RVs that cost a bundle to rent. When looking for the right RV, pay a lot of attention to the kitchen setup. You should hunt for a recreational vehicle with a stainless steel RV fridge that is durable enough to keep food fresh and cold, regardless of road conditions. A good fridge will give you enough room for ingredients that you may use to prepare low-cost meals inside of the vehicle.  Preparing your own meals for the family will allow you to avoid spending big money on restaurant meals.   

Choose affordable vacation activities

There will always be tourist traps along the way unless you decide to RV way off the beaten track. The best advice is to forego most tourist traps and plan some free or low-cost family activities instead. Swimming, hiking, playing cards or board games and roasting marshmallows are examples of wholesome and affordable family activities that bring parents and kids closer together.

As long as you put together an itinerary, make a vacation budget, pick the right RV and opt for affordable vacation activities, you should save a bundle. A typical RV family vacation will be much more affordable than a vacation that includes flights and hotels.


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