Medical School Application Tips and Advice

Medical School Application Tips and Advice

The medical school application process is highly competitive and different from other undergraduate programs. You need to prove that you are exceptional to have the opportunity to study the course. With that in mind, besides your MCAT scores, interviews, as well as prerequisite courses which other students vying for the same position may have, one way you can stand out from the crowd is the personality traits you exude.

What personality traits and experience do you possess that qualifies you for med school? These are some of the things you also need to consider. So, it’s not only the challenges of writing a medical research paper that should bother you. You can fix that when you get into school. For now, start the preparation early, research and create a list of schools of interest. Here are tips and advice to consider for your medical school application.

1. Get yourself prepared before applying

The medical school application can be tedious and intimidating. And, not having the requirements before applying can make it even more frustrating. So, before you begin the application process, you have to be sure that you are ready for the procedure. Your MCAT scores and prerequisite courses should be up to par before you start the process. You will want to make sure you are prepared to take the MCAT. Before you take the test, look into MCAT tutoring, and make sure you spend time studying.

Tips to help you get prepared for med application

• Plan early – Your participation in community service projects or clubs that promote the wellbeing of people can help strengthen your med school application. Keep in mind that getting into med school doesn’t depend on one’s intelligence alone. Past experiences and the activities you participate in even before your application counts. That is why it is crucial to plan your medical school application early and take the right steps during the process.

• Create a list of medical schools of interest – Write down the names of medical schools you would love to attend and find out the unique qualities each possesses. You can even talk to med students who are already in the system to get more ideas on how to go about your application. Befriending or sharing your interest with medical students will not only inspire but grant you access to useful information on how to pursue your dream.

• Find a medical school counselor – Med school counselor know the in and out of med school. So, rest assured that you will acquire all the necessary information you need when you meet one.

Advice: Med school application, as earlier said is a tedious and time-consuming exercise. But that should not scare you. The main point here is to ensure that you have all the requirements ready before applying. But if you are not entirely sure or don’t have all the requirements, there is no crime waiting for at least one or two years more before applying.

2. Show excitement and courage during the interview

The interviewer would like to know where your passion lies. So, be ready for such questions. That said, your answers should be genuine and show excitement when discussing your passion too. Furthermore, your passion doesn’t have to be related to academic activities alone. Even if it’s singing, dancing, writing or reading, it doesn’t matter. Just ensure it is something genuine and be ready to discuss it at length with the interviewer.


• Don’t state what you cannot defend in your written application.

• Talk with boldness during the interview

• Avoid lying at all cost.

3. Enhance your responsibilities and activities in clubs

The admission officers would also like to know more about the leadership qualities you possess. But the thing is you won’t be there to tell them in person. But they can paint a picture of who you are from your application letter. Your experiences and activities you have participated in will give them insight about your leadership qualities and personality. So, when you join clubs, try to be more active and do not shy away from leadership roles.

These are tips and advice for students vying for medical school. So, if you are one of them, take note of these simple tips that can make your application smooth. Also, start your medical school application on time. In other words, engage in activities and work on the requirements needed for medical school application. Even if your application process begins in the next two to three years, you can start today.


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