Vitamin Sea Please: 6 Reasons To Take A Beach Vacation

Vitamin Sea Please: 6 Reasons To Take A Beach Vacation

There is something uniquely magical about the beach. The feeling of the sand between your toes, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, splashing in and out of the water, or even just lying in the sun; everyone loves the beach. However, more than simply a place to enjoy, there are some other great reasons why, when you choose a family vacation, it should take place on the beach. Here is why we think it’s such an important place to be.

The Beach Is Healthy

Having fun is wonderful, but when you consider that going to the beach is actually good for your health, you’ll realize exactly what you should go there for your next vacation, and why it is worth the potentially long drive (or flight!).

A beach is a place where the world’s natural resources can combine with your body to give you a more healthy outlook on life. It may sound strange, but studies have proven it to be true. Take cuts and grazes, for example. If they happen at home, they may take a long time to heal up. If they happen at the beach, the salt water helps to cure them faster. Swimming can cure a blocked up nose because it removes any extra mucus and it clears the nose and ears in general. The sun provides plenty of wonderful vitamin D, and this helps to keep bones strong and ensures the heart is healthier. It’s no wonder that after just one day at the beach, you will be feeling the good effects.

The Beach Is Cheap

When you want to take your family on vacation, the only thing stopping most people is the cost. The great thing about heading to the beach is that it is relatively inexpensive, at least compared to other vacations. The entertainment is all there at the beach, so you won’t have to pay any extra for that. Hotel rooms will be a fair price because they have to compete with one another for business; you may even be able to haggle and bring the price down even more. The only thing left is food and drink, and if you pack some lunches to take down to the beach with you, you will save money again.

The Beach Has No Technology

If you’re worried about the amount of screen time your children have, then the beach is a great answer. Ideally, you won’t even be able to connect to the wifi, but even if you can, the kids will be so busy enjoying themselves in other ways such as paddling and swimming, building sandcastle, searching for crabs, fishing, or any watersports available, that they won’t even think about reaching for their tablets or smartphones. Plus you wouldn’t certainly want to take these devices down to the beach in case they got wet, or sand got into them!

This enforced break from technology is often something that is sorely required. It’s like a reset button, and if your kids (or even you) are addicted to your mobile devices, then the beach is the way to cure that addiction.

The Beach Is A Break From Routine

Routine is good, and it helps us get to grips with our everyday lives, but every now and again, it’s also good to break from routine and try something different. A beach vacation is exactly the way to do that. At home, you and your children might only talk about homework, housework, school, and other mundane things. At the beach, you can truly open up to each other and talk about important things because your routine has changed and you are really making time for one another now.

Play can also happen. Many parents just don’t have time to play with their kids, even though the children desperately want it to happen. At the beach all you have is time, and nothing is stopping you from playing and perhaps even getting to know your children better. Playing could include running barefoot, searching out particular objects, building sand structures, or even making up creative games in the sand and the sea.

The Beach Is Good For The Brain

We’ve already spoken about how great the beach is for your health, but it is also good for your brain, and can even enhance its development. Most of the time when you’re at home, the limbic area of the brain (the area used in play and exploration) is not used. However, at the beach when you can forget ‘real life’ for a little while and enjoy yourself more, that area of the brain is used. Simply splashing about in the water would be enough to spark it.

The beach also helps mental health by making people happy and removing any negative thoughts. You may think it is simply a natural response to being in a wonderful place with your family, but there is actually a scientific explanation as to why your mental health improves at the beach. It is the sound of the waves; that sound changes your brain’s wave patterns which makes you more relaxed and happier.

The Beach Is Outdoors

Perhaps obviously, but no less important for it, the beach is, indeed, outdoors. Children these days spend a lot of time indoors working, watching TV, playing computer games, and so on. Therefore, getting them outside, even if it’s just for a week or two during the summer, can really help them. They get to see more of the world and can be closer to nature. They can play all day and rest well at night. They might even try new foods, and, of course, they can bond more with their families and make fantastic memories.


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