Even When You’re Out – The Military Never Leaves You
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Even When You’re Out – The Military Never Leaves You

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Gillette’s new SkinGuard razor – new at Walmart.

While it is a saying that all good things must come to an end, sometimes leaving the military is just a matter of obtaining a DD-214 and hanging up the uniform. There really isn’t much about the way you conduct yourself that screams, “I am no longer in the military”, and if anything, it is the complete opposite. At least for my husband, he carries himself with pride knowing that he served his country – and anyone that comes his way quickly can notice.

It took my husband some time to come to the realization that he wasn’t actively serving anymore, actually, it has been over two years and he sometimes will still struggle with the feeling of not being in the military. However, I have to laugh because like I mentioned above, unless you know my husband is out, he still very much so carries himself as a soldier. I love that about him and truly hope he never loses it.

It’s a fire inside of him that will never go out, once a soldier always a soldier and I believe that with every branch and everyone who has served.

There is a lot that you pick up in the military that just never goes away. It can be as simple as telling time to the polite greetings, as well as his attention to detail when it comes to his appearance. Sometimes, I have to remind him that his unit won’t come busting down the door because he forgot to shave. He keeps a very tidy appearance at all times and takes pride in it. It really comes down to his training and how he had done things for over 15 years non-stop, a part of his daily routine.

He recently discovered Gillette’s new SkinGuard Razor, which has been a blessing in disguise since he has sensitive skin and always had issues with razor bumps and irritation. I only wish it was around sooner while he was still in – perhaps it could have helped during those times he would go to battle with his old razor! And that always led to not getting ready on time, so being able to shave and head out the door without worrying about issues with his skin is a plus.

So, what’s with this razor?

“Gillette® SkinGuard is the first razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps. Its unique SkinGuard bar is positioned between the blades to minimize “tug and pull” and cut hair at skin level, helping to prevent irritation. The precision trimmer on the back is great for hard-to-reach areas and styling facial hair. For great results, use with new PURE by Gillette shaving gel or PURE by Gillette shaving cream, both available at Walmart.”

And as his spouse, I have had my own shopping challenges to ensure he is always looking and feeling his best. So even though my husband is no longer actively serving, it doesn’t take away from the person the Army made him be and there is no denying what a great husband, father, and person he is. So, what if he takes a little longer in the bathroom than I do? I always think back to that piece of him that he misses and allow him a little grace for it.

He will always be the flag bearer for the Armed Forces, the military is his guide and what keeps him marching forward with immense pride and looking great while doing so.


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