Military Promotion Gift Ideas to Honor Your Hero

Military Promotion Gift Ideas to Honor Your Hero

Need a gift idea to honor your spouse on their recent military promotion?

Our servicemembers take incredible pride in their accomplishments, as they should. The military man or woman in your life deserves something special, as well as knowing that you’re thinking about them and proud of them.

It can be difficult to know exactly what to gift them for this special day, but lucikly we have put together some gift ideas to help you out.

Promotion Gifts for Display

Here are some gift ideas to help them display their accomplishments in the house.

Deployment Map

Who doesn’t love a nice map to put over the mantle or above the couch? 

A deployment map is a perfect gift for a servicemember who loves the traveling side of the military. It’s a map of the world on which your loved one can place light-up pins on to show where they’ve been deployed during their time in the military.

This is a great gift that will allow your spouse to regale you and guests with stories of their time in deployment, with a visual aid.

Challenge Coin Display Case

If you don’t know what a military challenge coin is, you’re not alone. But, your spouse will definitely know what a challenge coin is and he/she might have a few of them.

The big thing with challenge coins is that you can display them to show off your accomplishments. Challenge coins are issued for specific accomplishments, like being part of a club, or something to signify your regiment.

The coins act as reminders of the good and the bad times during combat. A display case will allow your soldier to have them proudly on display instead of stuffed in a drawer never to be looked at again.

A Shadow Box

A shadow box is a pretty standard choice for a military promotion gift. It’s a box that houses uniforms and medals. It’s typically put together near the end of a soldier’s military career, but you can start collecting things and putting together their shadow box anytime.

With this gift, you can let your guests know that there’s a decorated servicemember in your house and that respects are to be paid.

Military Plaque

Military plaques are another classic display of one’s military prowess. Put together a custom plaque for your spouse honoring their promotion and former rank. If you’ve got any medals or patches, include them, as well as an American flag.

Then you can honor your partner with an inscription describing what their promotion was, with a date and their name. This will serve as an emotional reminder of their time in the military.

Practical Military Promotion Gifts

If your spouse isn’t one to sentimentally look back on their accomplishments, you can get them something more practical. Here are some ideas of things that they can use.


Military style watches are both stylish and practical. Many reputable watchmakers have a line of military watches, specifically Navy style watches and Aviation style watches. Depending on what branch of the military your spouse is in, you can get that specific style of watch.

The watch can cost as much or as little as you want, depending on your budget. The Citizen Eco Drive is a gorgeous piece with a sleek black face, a stainless steel case, and a comfortable army green canvas band. Looks good and feels good.

To peruse other watches, check out the best website to buy watches.

Tactical Paratrooper Mountain Bike

Depending on your military person’s interests, you could get them a tactical mountain bike. American bike company, Montague, specializes in practical and inventive bicycles for recreational and tactical use. They collaborated with DARPA on this paratrooper bike and created something magical.

Built specifically with paratroopers in mind, this bike folds in on itself to a tiny 3″x3″ package. If your spouse is an outdoors person, you would certainly consider this as a promotion gift for their next big bike trip.

Delta Echo Ammo Can Knife Set

If your spouse is the cook of the family, honor them with a new knife block. For $80, you get a 10-piece cutlery set in a cool army green block that looks like it came straight from the mess hall.

Pelican Cooler

Nothing says military grade cooling like a Pelican cooler. They have ice retention between 7 and 10 days. Perfect for the servicemember that loves going on long camping trips. They have several different models at several different price points, all of which are completely American made and top of the line.

Don’t skimp out on a cheap cooler when you can have one that would keep your beer cold in the desert for a week.

Military Golf Gift Set

If your spouse likes hitting the links, then treat them with a military golf gift set from LinksWalker Inc. 

They make balls, divot tools, ball markers, and gloves with whatever military insignia you want to be emblazoned on the side. He or she will be proud out there showing off their swing to the other golfers. And no one will be able to steal their golf balls, either.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Whatever military promotion gifts you end up getting for your special someone, they’ll be sure to appreciate that you’ve thought of them, regardless of what it is.

When your spouse sees you on their promotion day, they won’t care what gift you got them, they’ll care that you took the time out of your day to spend with them. But a new watch would be nice, too. 😉


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