Battling Anxiety? Why CBD Can Help
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Battling Anxiety? Why CBD Can Help

Anxiety is a common issue for many people in the modern age, especially as we have more and more stressors in our lives than ever before. People suffer with it in different ways and some have anxiety more severe than others. Occasional anxiety, for example, before exams or a presentation, is normal. But if you are finding it difficult to engage in regular day to day activities then you may be suffering from anxiety. If you are wanting to find alternative treatments other than medication for anxiety, CBD oil may be for you.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, which is short for cannabidiol, is a chemical derived from the marijuana plant. This is not the component of the plant that gets you “high”, as this euphoric feeling comes from the chemical THC, which also comes from the plant. CBD oil will either contain no THC at all or so little that it has no effect on the user. There are many health benefits from CBD oil, including reducing anxiety and depression and relieving pain in chronic conditions. Indeed, CBD oil is becoming more well-known for its great medical benefits.

How Does CBD Oil Work to Reduce Anxiety?

There are many research projects and studies that have been carried out regarding CBD oil and its effect on anxiety symptoms. Most of these studies have been carried out on animals, although the results are very promising for humans too. More medical research needs to be carried out to verify its full effects, but the science behind CBD oil shows it works well with anxiety symptoms.

CBD oil works by boosting the production of the feel-good chemical, serotonin. Serotonin relays messages from nerve cells to the brain and regulates many functions, including anxiety. CBD works as a receptor agonist, which means it can act upon the serotonin pathway, boosting serotonin production. This can help regulate your anxiety symptoms.

How to Use CBD Oil in The Kitchen

CBD oil is taken in many ways including vaping and eating. It can be put into foods that can be eaten in the house or out and about when you have overwhelming feelings of anxiety and need a serotonin boost. CBD oil is more flavorful than regular oilsand can be a lot darker. It has been described as having a nutty taste and, therefore, it is often used as a bread dip or as a dressing for salads. It is best paired with savory rather than sweet foods. You may want to use it with a marinade for your chicken or blend it in with hummus or pesto. Here’s how one person got on when cooking for a week with CBD oil.

Nutritional Benefits of CBD Oil

As well as helping to regulate your anxiety, CBD oil is known as a superfood. This means using the oil for anxiety also has nutritional benefits. Eating well when you are struggling with anxiety can help your overall mood, so this makes CBD oil an even better choice in the kitchen. The oil contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your skin and overall health. Just one tablespoon in your food can give you the recommended daily amount of fatty acids you need, and for those who are vegetarians and do not eat fish, CBD oil can be a superb alternative.

However you choose to consume your CBD oil, it may improve your lifestyle and help alleviate the feelings of anxiety that you have. If you are struggling with anxiety, ensure you talk to your doctor, as you may also benefit from talking therapies.


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