Why Cats Make the Perfect Military Family Pet
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Why Cats Make the Perfect Military Family Pet

Each year 3.4 million cats enter shelters across the nation. Taking one of them in could vastly improve not only their quality of life but yours as well. As a family with a member in the military, however, you may be wondering whether your lifestyle is suitable to pet ownership. While dogs require exercise and may be unsettled with frequent moves, this is not true for cats. This means, therefore, that they may be the ideal pet to maintain your family’s wellbeing and provide companionship, even through difficult times.

They Are Great at Lowering Stress

A study published in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology is just one of many showing a correlation between cat ownership and decreased levels of stress. The results were quite staggering. Those who currently own or have previously owned a cat were found to have a 30% decreased risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke. Both of these conditions are worsened for those in stressful jobs.

Although those who have engaged in military service are not more likely to die from a stroke, it is thought that this is because they tend to be wealthier and better educated than the average citizen and therefore have access to better treatment. Among people of a similar socioeconomic status, military careers do increase stress levels significantly, especially the following trauma. Coming home to a cat could have a real impact on maintaining mental health.

They Are Low Maintenance

All furry pets will help to keep you calm, but sometimes this is offset by the stress of pet ownership itself. Dogs will need four walks a day, plus constant care and attention. It therefore may seem unwise to put this added pressure on your family. A cat, conversely, is one of the most low maintenance pets you can own.

For a busy family with many responsibilities, this is essential. Go for a low maintenance pet such as a cat, so that you can receive all of the stress relieving and endorphin releasing benefits of bonding with your feline friend. You will find that they take care of their own hygiene and exercise needs, leaving you with more time to dedicate to work and family.

They Don’t Mind Moving Often

Military families may relocate frequently, so you need a pet which can adapt easily. Cats, who sleep 15 hours a day, can be kept indoors for days at a time to adjust to a new environment. Have a look at the top cat litters on the market and research suitable climbing posts and toys. You will then have all you need to keep them happy in their new home until they are ready to head outside.

Adding a pet to your military family is bound to bring joy to everyone. By selecting a cat, you will receive scientifically verified benefits without the high maintenance of other pets. They cope better with a family on the move and will always be there to play and cuddle when you need it most.


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