Here’s How Often You Should Do Home Maintenance Checks   
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Here’s How Often You Should Do Home Maintenance Checks  

It’s true what they say: prevention is better than cure. That is why it is always important to repair things that can be saved rather than to put it off for later when you will have to eventually replace a lot of stuff instead. The same is true for houses.

Some people may think that periodic cleaning is enough, but time, weather, and constant use are bound to make a house lose some of its former glory or break down from the ravages caused by the elements mentioned early on in this sentence. This degradation can be very expensive on a large scale since it will involve your whole house.

To prevent any damage to your home or your finances, you need to do maintenance checks to survey what needs to be repaired or replaced before it’s too late. Here’s how often you should do a home maintenance check and a list of what to look for.

Before Anything Else

So how often should you check your home for signs of problems? Ideally, it should be monthly and should involve all parts of the house. If it seems too much, you can do a more thorough sweep and examination four times per year at every start of the season. Meaning, you should do maintenance checks during the start of summer, spring, fall, and winter.

It can be intimidating to think about these things especially if you’ve only just bought your first home. Maintenance and repairs are huge parts of homeownership, so it’s best to get into the habit, or you’ll end up spending more money later.

There’s a list of things you need to check up on, and it can be long if you want to be thorough. However, you can do most of it without having to call a professional.

Mold Check

If you smell something musty and you are experiencing a runny nose, red eyes, and skin rashes, maybe it’s time to check for molds. If you can’t see any physical signs of molds, use mold detection kits to check the areas you suspect to have this bad type of mold.

There are many types of mold detection kits, and they are easy, safe, and quick to use. With these kits, you will take some samples and send them over to an accredited lab so you can see how extensive your mold problem is, as well as the mold varieties present and any mold growth that is not easily detectable by the naked eye but is burgeoning.

Check for Leaks

Moisture is one of the leading causes of molds, and it can be caused by leaks somewhere in your house. That is why it is always important to check leaks as much as you can, especially during the fall and winter months.

You should check leaks in your basement and on the roof because damp conditions can accelerate the growth of molds and cause water damage to these structures. If you see water damage, call a professional to fix it right away.

Check for Possibility of Carbon Monoxide Buildup

It’s best to do this all year, but take special care during colder months. Fall and winter are the times when you want to keep your house warm and comfy. To fight the cold, may run the water heater and furnace and even cook or bake something to keep the chill away.

All the things mentioned above are a perfect recipe for the buildup of carbon monoxide. This gaseous substance is responsible for hundreds of deaths every year because humans cannot see or smell it.

To prevent poisoning and accidents, protect yourself, your family, and your friends by getting a reliable carbon monoxide detector. This device is able to identify the concentration of carbon monoxide in a particular environment, and its alarm sounds off when the CO concentration reaches a certain level.

Prevent Toilet Issues

Toilet problems are some of the most common household issues, and it can be annoying to deal with them frequently. The issues can range from weak flushing to total clogging. It should be one of the top priorities when maintaining the home because bathrooms and toilets are necessary for daily living.

So if you find yourself often contesting with the issues in your bathroom due to bad or old fixtures, consider getting macerator pumps or upflush toilets. These pumps grind everything, including brown water waste, and that makes it easier to flush the waste. And since macerator pumps are easy to install, you don’t have to spend more time trying to fix the common toilet issues.

Replace HVAC Filters

If you’re one of the many who suffer from allergies, you should put inspection and replacement of HVAC filters on top of your list. If you live with pets and other people, it may be necessary to clean the filters monthly. If not, the filters can last up to two months.

Make and Keep a List

There are still so many things that need regular inspection and maintenance aside from the things mentioned above. Not every home is the same, so you make and keep a list of things you think should be prioritized. Safeguard your investment and yourself by following your home maintenance faithfully.

What things do you do to keep your house in top shape? Share your advice below.


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