5 Simple Cleaning Mistakes You Keep Making

5 Simple Cleaning Mistakes You Keep Making

Have you ever heard the saying a clean home is a happy home? The part that isn’t mentioned is that cleaning your home is the last thing on your mind—let alone the top of your priority list. So, in between soccer practice and your weekly networking meeting, it’s easy to forget to dust behind the TV or move the coffee table when you’re vacuuming.

Instead of stressing yourself out, just correct these five simple cleaning mistakes. They’re easy to fix and will make a difference in keeping your home clean, and maybe even a little happier.

  1. Using the same cleaner for different surfaces.

It’s common for people to use the same cleaning solution for multiple surfaces, for example, a glass cleaner for wood surfaces or stainless steel. Sometimes, that’s just what’s easiest. However, doing so can actually damage your furniture or household items. That’s why it’s important to follow the suggested uses on the back of the bottle.

Not only will you get a better clean, but your surfaces will last longer. If you don’t want to buy multiple cleaning solutions, go with an all-purpose cleaner so you don’t even need to think about it.

“The thing is, it’s often the case that the great capabilities of multipurpose products get overlooked because folks naturally try to separate out different products for different uses. But if designed right, multipurpose products can let you combine tasks with just one cleaner,” explain experts at P&G Pro.

  1. Forgetting to Clean the Shower Drain

While it might be gross, think about what goes into your drain when you shower. Hair, soap, dir, and sand can quickly build up, clogging your home’s plumbing system and causing a major—and expensive—problem with your sewage pipes.

Avoid a plumbing disaster by regularly cleaning your shower drain. You can purchase shower-cleaning essentials at your local drugstore or you can create your own DIY cleaning solution at home using baking soda and vinegar.  Get more DIY ideas from Improvenet, including ideas for tougher clogs.

  1. Not Cleaning Your Comforter Regularly

Washing your comforter is a huge pain, especially if you don’t have your own washer and dryer. Not only is it hard to fit in the washer, but it also takes forever to completely dry. While this cleaning job may be time-consuming, regularly washing your comforter keeps you healthy, suggests cleaning experts at CD One Price Cleaners. They explain:

“Comforters, bedspreads and blankets can easily collect allergens, bacteria, pet hair and other particles that may not be good for the health of you or your family, especially those items that you use on a more regular basis.”

  1. Not Using Your Vacuum’s Settings and Attachments

Ever wonder why your vacuum comes with so many different settings and attachments? It’s because they all have a purpose. Running the vacuum over your carpet or floor only picks up the easy to find dirt and grime. In order to pick up dirt and dust in small crevasses, you need a smaller, more powerful attachment.

The Spruce suggests using the upholstery attachment for delicate area rugs, for example. Those made of silk or wool are made of “fibers that should never be vacuumed with a beater brush. Gently glide the upholstery attachment over the rug.”

  1. Waiting Too Long to Clean

Waiting too long to clean your home can make cleaning an even bigger and more time-consuming hassle. Instead, designate 10 short minutes per day to “pick up” around the house will keep your home clean with little effort and time. Mental Floss recommends cleaning the various areas of your home as such:

  • Shower drain: once each week
  • Oven: once every 6 months
  • Pillows: once every 6 months
  • Carpet: vacuum once each week
  • Fridge: once each season
  • Dishwasher: once each month
  • Showerhead: once each week

Ditch These Cleaning Mistakes

Don’t keep making these cleaning mistakes. Instead, use the cleaning guidelines to keep your house fresh, clean your comforter more regularly—at least once each season—and consider how an all-purpose cleaner can keep your surfaces in better shape and make your life easier. You’ll feel less stressed and can enjoy peace of mind when you’re enjoying your home.


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