DIY: Creating The Perfect Bedroom for Your Child

DIY: Creating The Perfect Bedroom for Your Child

Is there a young child, baby, or teen in your home? You know that children have a love of color, patterns, and design for furnishings and decor. What might look great to you may not appeal to your children’s choices. Get your child involved in selecting his or her bedrooms décor whether it is the paint color, wallpaper, children’s bedroom furniture or blinds.

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The inherent fun, personality and youthful exuberance of kids’ rooms make them a delight to decorate. The speed at which children grow up and outgrow the décor of their rooms is enough to make parents’ heads spin.

It’s no surprise that children’s rooms are the most frequently redecorated rooms in the home, as the nursery’s crib and teddy bears give way to the grade-schooler’s “big kid’s bed” and board games and, eventually, the “tween’s” homework and hangout areas.

The following tips will help you create an imaginative, joyful, comfortable and safe environment where your child can thrive and grow, while making the inevitable updates easier to manage.

Choose a theme that’s youthful, fun and right for your child, but leave room for his or her imagination to soar. The room should stimulate creativity, rather than drown it with a theme that’s so overpowering that the child can’t picture playing anything else in the space.

Plan for change. Accept the fact that you will have to update the room eventually. Enjoy the room now and go with the flow when it’s time to make it a bit more mature.

Start with a foundation of durable, high-quality furniture and built-ins that can be adapted to create new looks and serve new purposes later. Such pieces as modular desk sections and stackable cubes can be rearranged to reinvent a room without purchasing all new furniture.

Incorporate decorative highlights such as wallpaper, painted trim, window coverings, rugs and accessories to bring personality and excitement to the room. They’ll be simple and inexpensive to update later.

Involve your child in the process. Kids love to be involved and take such pride in helping plan their rooms. Even young children have opinions and you’d be surprised at how specific they’ll be about their preferences for colors and themes. Every child wants a room that reflects his or her interests and personality.

Make sure the space is age- and size-appropriate. Be sure the design meets your child’s functional needs. Store your young child’s toys close to the floor where he or she can easily access them and later put them away. Leave plenty of open space where your toddler can run around and play with larger toys. Create an area where your “tween” can hang out with friends.

Look ahead to future needs too, for example by wiring for computers and other electronic gadgets your child will eventually need.

Make sure every activity is accounted for. A child’s room must be designed to accommodate all of the activities that will take place there, from sleeping to dressing, play, homework, relaxing and hanging out with friends.

Be sure to include a quiet space where your child can curl up with a book or simply decompress. Grade-schoolers will appreciate designated areas for games and crafts. A separate work area becomes increasingly important as children grow and schoolwork becomes more demanding.

Safety, of course, is a prime consideration. Attach shelves securely to the wall so they stay in place if your toddler tries climbing on them. Avoid furniture with sharp corners that could injure your youngster. Cover outlets and keep electrical cords where young hands can’t grab them. Choose window coverings with breakaway tassels and keep the cords out of a child’s reach. Crib slats should be no more than 2.375 inches apart so that baby can’t squeeze his or her head through.

Choose products that don’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particularly until your child is old enough to have demonstrated any allergies or other sensitivities. Look for wallcoverings, flooring materials, furniture and fabrics made of natural or untreated materials, such furniture made of solid wood or formaldehyde-free fiberboard, hardwood or vinyl flooring, and natural, non-permanent press fabrics.

Condensation can collect on exterior walls. Prevent mold and mildew from growing between wallcoverings and the wall by using wallcoverings that don’t have vinyl coatings, such as Paperez. They breathe allowing moisture to evaporate.

Select easy-care products. Kids and messes go hand-in-hand, so choose washable, wipe-clean surfaces. Wood floors should be sealed so stains don’t sink in. Walls and other surfaces need to stand up to frequent wipe-downs.

Keep safety, flexible design, and your child’s needs and unique personality in mind as you plan, and your child’s room is bound to be the happiest room in your home.

Fun, colorful decorative touches, such as the Paperez Just Imagine! collection of wallcoverings, bring personality and excitement to your child’s room and are easy to update as his or her tastes mature.


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