Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Your Military Man

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Your Military Man

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Holt’s Cigar Company via SoFluential Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

In our military lifestyle, absence is hard on the parents as well as kids.  As much as we wish this was not the reality, it just is, and we have to make the best of it. Fathers are an important influence in their children’s’ lives. Being apart for special days and achievements is hard for everyone, but it can make you realize how special it is to have everyone together. Even though Dad works odd hours and misses celebrations, this does not mean that kids have any less of a bond with their dads. With Father’s Day coming up, I know this day could be tricky – it usually is for us.

For the last several years, my husband has always picked his own gift. I truly do get the general idea of power tools for Father’s Day, but how do you decide which leaf blower to get? And I know you could go with the original “tie” but my husband wears a tie maybe once a year and hasn’t this gift been overdone a bit? This year, I decided to bequeath the knowledge that I’ve gained over the last thirteen years on some pretty amazing, and unique, gift ideas for my husband – and perhaps the hero in your life.

  1. Holt’s Cigar Company: So my husband is a lover of cigars, he especially loves to collect them and share with his friends at his monthly poker parties. I did notice that once we moved, his humidor was cracked and that left many of his cigars stale. This Father’s Day I am treating him to a new humidor and new cigars. Best part yet, Holt’s Cigar Company offers a 10% military discount. You can check out the online store which offers various cigar brands and accessories – perfect for all events such as the upcoming graduations and even to celebrate new life!
  2. Personalized gifts: Add your own special message or touch to a gift. I like the idea of personalized gifts because it can mean the world to give something special between the family.
  3. Danner Boots: I asked my husband for his favorite boot brand, and he said Danner all the way. Sometimes those military issued boots aren’t all that great. Last year the kids got my hubby a new pair of boots, definitely well-deserved and he wears them all the time!
  4. Gear Hungry:  My husband isn’t a sports fanatic, he is what I call a tech fanatic. If it is a gadget that does something cool or makes his life easier – he is all over it! With Gear Hungry, you’re sure to find something that will be different and of interest depending on your husband’s interests.
  5. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker: This is only the world’s smallest and cutest espresso maker. If you have a husband who travels a lot and needs his caffeine fix, this makes the best espresso ever! This even makes a great desk accessory – I have one right on my desk, and love it!
  6.  IPOKI.com: And, of course, he is still a man and very fond of all those new technologies. I’ve already got used to the fact that every month we got a new little device in the house. To come up with some out-of-the-box tech gift ideas and discover the gadgets he really wants.

Happy Father’s Day to all our Military Dads!


3 thoughts on “Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Your Military Man”

  1. Okay… I came in thinking I wouldn’t get much from this post, but girl! Such amazing ideas!!!! I just had to let you know because you may have saved me this Father’s Day!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. I know Father’s Day just passed but I got mine a duffle bag with an engraved bag tag from https://armorcoin.com/ and I thought you might want to look into them if you or anyone else needs ideas for upcoming gifts.
    He loved it!

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