Online Schooling While in the National Guard
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Online Schooling While in the National Guard

Getting a college education can seem like a daunting task. For the men and women who serve their country in the National Guard, it can seem difficult to find time to study on top of their regular responsibilities. Thankfully, online colleges have come a long way! It is now much easier to brush up on some skills, earn a professional certificate, associate’s degree, or even an online bachelor’s of science degree from your own home.

Challenges & Benefits

One of the biggest challenges that our men and women serving in the National Guard face is time. Most servicemen and women work a regular job and often have a family to care for in addition to their active duty, which often requires their time on the weekends. Therefore, even small things like the time it takes to commute to and from a college campus can be taxing to someone juggling so many things in their schedule.

However, the men and women who serve in the National Guard have received military training which means they have learned organization, discipline, and focus – three skills that are an advantage to online study.

Benefits of Online Study

  • As mentioned, when an individual has a lot to juggle in their life, simple drive time to and from a campus can really cut into their day. Studying from home can give students an extra hour or more of their time back.
  • Unlike traditional college classes, online courses do not demand that you attend at a specific day and/or time. However, they do require that you log in a certain number of times per week to participate in a discussion. If you have done your reading and coursework the night before, you could simply pop on during your lunch hour to check in with your classes.
  • Classes can be accessed while traveling. If you are called away on the weekend, as long as you have internet access, you can still check in to your classes on the go!
  • Many other servicemen and women are likely to be in your courses. Due to the convenient nature of online courses for people with unusual schedules, online courses have become very popular with military personnel. Because of this, you will likely find other students who share your experience. This also means that the professor will likely be used to any specific needs or concerns that arise for students who are enlisted in the armed forces.
  • You can use your G.I. Bill! If you qualify for the G.I. Bill, accredited colleges that offer online study are a perfect way to use your funding to invest in your future.

More and more degree options continue to become available online. It has become easy to find a degree that pairs well with your work and military experience. Or, if you wish to move in a completely different direction, this is the opportunity to find an entirely new field. Online classes are the perfect way for military and National Guard men and women to invest in themselves and their own future.


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