My Military and Civilian Communities
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My Military and Civilian Communities

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My husband and I have the best of both worlds. We live surrounded by an incredible civilian community, but also have the love and support of our military family. As an Army National Guard family, it can be difficult to transition from one lifestyle to another, feeling as if you don’t really belong fully to one life. And being a part of both lives simultaneously for 12 years, they aren’t that much different at all.

You have your ups and downs with both lives. My husband works a normal 9-5 civilian job, he is home for dinner and not only is he home for holidays, but he also takes a yearly summer vacation. However, when military life kicks in, he is sometimes gone for training weeks on end. There is always the fear of another deployment, and when he leaves for his military job, we take a huge pay cut from his civilian job. The Army is the Army, no matter if you are full or part-time, so his military career always comes first.

We have grown to love both worlds and through the years have found a perfect balance between the two. As a military and civilian family, this is simply what our life entails. Embracing the love and hardships that both worlds come with. If you would have asked me to list the similarities of both worlds 10 years ago, I most likely would have focused on the negative aspects and not seen the positive. As the years have passed, I can’t help but see the similarities between both – because, at the end of the day, we are doing what we love to do most. We are a proud military family, but also give a lot of the credit to our civilian friends and family.

Some similarities I have noticed between our military and civilian life…


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