Deployment Help! How To Deal With a Plumbing Emergency
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Deployment Help! How To Deal With a Plumbing Emergency

One of the hardest things about deployments is the timing, you almost always have some kind of disaster that looms. Beyond the difficulties this presents, there are more practical issues which can quickly arise,e you will also need to resolve.

Many households experience a plumbing problem, even newer homes which you would expect to run trouble-free. If an emergency was to strike when you’re in lone control of your home, what would be your first step and how would you react to fix the problem?

First response

Every house has a shut-off valve connected to their water supply. If ever a leak was to occur, this should definitely be your first port of call. Switching it will off cut your home’s water supply at its source and minimize the amount of water damage caused in your home.

This valve is typically found next to the water meter and it’s essential you know where it is. Not only will this help to tackle an emergency leak, it’s also good practice to switch it off whenever you go on holiday or leave your home unattended for more than a few consecutive days.

Release the Pressure

Once water is unable to enter your home’s plumbing system, you can then drain the house’s internal pipes of water. Turning on a downstairs tap will let the water drain out of your main water tank.

It’s critical that you understand where the leak is occurring and what is essentially feeding this leak before doing this. If the leak is coming from a waste water pipe, draining the water tank will only serve to make the problem worse.

Seek Professional help

If you’re not sure what the cause of the problem is or you are unable to stop the leak, immediately call a trusted emergency plumber. Whenever you move into a new neighborhood, it’s good practice to seek out and take contact numbers for trusted tradesmen who can help you in such situations.

For less time-critical problems you may be able to wait until regular office hours before contacting a professional to fix the problem, however, minor problems can often be tackled with a can-do attitude and a proficiency in using a search engine to find potential cures. If in any doubt, a reliable plumber is by far your best solution though.

Prevention is better than a cure

While you can’t ensure your home never suffers a plumbing emergency, there are definitely some steps you can take to reduce the odds of one happening.

Using your drains to dispose of waste cooking grease or bulky waste items may be tempting but it will almost always lead to disaster sooner or later.

Regularly cleaning your drains will help waste building up and causing a blockage. A store-bought drain cleaner used every few months is far cheaper and a lot less stressful than having to contact an emergency plumber.

Don’t Cut Corners

When you need to use a plumber for any situation, from an emergency situation to a carefully planned home renovation, choosing a fully-qualified professional should be your only thought. It may seem prudent to opt for the cheapest alternative when deciding which plumbing quote to accept, however, poor craftsmanship will ultimately cost you many times more than the initial cost of the work. As a golden rule for judging quotes: If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.


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