How Busy Moms Can Still Squeeze in That Workout
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 How Busy Moms Can Still Squeeze in That Workout

Being a mom is hard work and finding time to do what you used to can be stressful, as we tend to put our children first. At the forefront of being a good mom is being happy yourself, and this means taking care of your mind and body. Just because we have children, doesn’t mean we can’t still exercise and be fit, but we may have to change our routine slightly.

Don’t sacrifice one or the other, here are some ways you can find time for fitness and still be a great mom.

Exercise with Your Children

Children should be outdoors, running around and having fun. There is nobody to stop you from joining in too! Although it may not feel the same as doing weights, getting active any way you can still count as exercise and can help you keep off weight and feel good. If you have a newborn, take them for walks in their stroller, showing them new sights, smells, and sounds. This keeps you active and them learning. If they are a bit older, play games with them, take them hiking or even go for a run while your children bike alongside you.

Find a Gym That Offers Childcare

Gyms with childcare do exist, meaning you can leave your child in safe hands while you get your workout in. they will be having fun and you can relax, knowing they are only a few feet away and they are enjoying themselves. You don’t need to feel guilty for putting you first sometimes, we must be happy to provide for our children, and promoting fitness is always a good thing for children to grow up seeing. Rather than taking them to a play area while you sit and watch in the café, make the most of your time and get back into exercising.

Find Time For Exercise

It may be that before you were a mom, you would go to the gym and have morning runs. We may not have the time or energy to do this anymore, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t time to get in quick exercises where we can. Find a fitness video on YouTube that you enjoy and while your child is having their afternoon nap, utilize this time to get fit and have fun. You are still there for your child when they wake up, but you are getting in some me time, which is important too. Wake up half an hour earlier to go for a short run or run once the kids are in bed if you have someone else in the house. Although you may not be able to have the same fitness routine as you did, there will always be some time somewhere to fit in a run or an exercise class.

Working out and staying fit can be hard, but as a mom, we don’t need to let our fitness take a back seat. Exercise with your kids, take advantage of naps and use gyms with childcare to get the most out of your time.

How do you make time to stay fit?


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