7 Gift Ideas to Show Your Military Child How Much They Mean to You
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7 Gift Ideas to Show Your Military Child How Much They Mean to You

As a military child, they might have a day filled with lots of difficult emotions that they need cheering up from. While it is never a good idea to quantify the love you feel for your kids in a single material possession, it can be a great way to show them how much they mean to you. It can be hard to get right when you want to give them something that oozes comfort and love, which they can go to use each day.

Here are 7 simple gift ideas to help you give your child the perfect gift, where they will be touched by the gesture, no matter what their age.

A care-box

As your child grows older, it can become more of a challenge to be there for them as their hormones start to run wild. It can make showing them how much you are there for them a tricky task. One of the best ways to get around this is to take inspiration from wellness tips by making them a care box. You can fill this box with comforting items such as fluffy socks, a soft blanket, anything of comfort. Giving them such a box will also enable them to think you are with them on days you can’t be there. The best thing about it is that you can change it and top it up as your child grows so that they know you are always listening to their needs and are willing to help them through tough times.

Family heirlooms

Many families will have pieces of jewelry or clothing that have been handed down through each generation, which will hold a special place in the heart of the family that means much more than money can put into words. There will be a time in your child’s life where they start to encounter big life changes, and one of the best ways to keep them grounded and supported is by giving them a special part of your family to hold onto. It could be an old sweater you loved as a child or a piece of jewelry they can take care of and cherish. In any case, this is a gift that will cost you nothing, but which will have invaluable benefits.

A comfortable item of clothing

It could be that you are a busy parent who spends lots of time working or have a spouse who is away, this can mean that you are there for your children less than you hope to be, which can leave them feeling lonely when they need you. In these times, what your child will need the most is a hug, which you can mimic as best you can by buying them a comfortable piece of clothing. Anywhere from a soft hoodie to this product could be the best, as it will always feel as though you are near them when they need some support. You could even go one step further by buying them a weighted blanket, which keeps anxieties low during bed time to help your child sleep smoothly and without any hiccups.

A home movie marathon

There is no better gift you can give than that of time, as nothing else can quite show your children how much you love them. If you are short on money but want to spend your day giving them one of the best gifts you can, then you can always hold a movie marathon in your home. You can let each child pick one movie to watch, or follow iconic recommendations from online lists, and you spend the morning before the movie to prep some tasty treats to eat. Healthy popcorn, cakes that are low in sugar, and making your own ice cream are all great ways to spend time with your kids while sitting up some excitement for the movie day to come.

A fun day out

If you can spare the money, you can grow your child’s curiosity by taking them on a fun day out. It is also a foolproof way of cheering them up if they have had a bad day, as they will be able to spend some supportive time with you, let out any negative emotions, and find a much-needed distraction in the world around them. Some of the most popular ideas for such days are going to nearby theme parks, going to their favorite restaurant for a meal, or driving into the natural world to spend time hiking and exploring the landscape.

Take them on vacation

You could go one step further than taking them on a day out by taking some time off to go on a vacation. Ideally, this would be a weekend break where you can go camping or explore a new city. In any case, it should be dedicated to doing what your child would like, as this may seem like a lot of time to give, but it is something they will come to appreciate in the years to come as they know how much you have been there for them.

Handmade voucher books

You may recognize handmade voucher books as an idea once used to give to your partner, but that isn’t to say you can’t upgrade these for your kids. Although small, such books can pack a punch and can be filled with anything from sweet treats to taking your child to the park. Giving your child a voucher book that has had activities and treats built into it by you will let them know how much time you have put into it. If you are struggling for time, you could give them one part of the voucher book each day to redeem, or you could have ready-prepared items on hand if they choose not to save each voucher for a new day.


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