The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors   
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The Health Benefits of Being Outdoors  


Most people prefer to stay indoors, especially during the winter months. When you think about it, we tend to do many things indoors without thinking about it, from working in an office to sweating it out in the gym. Most of our free-time is often spent cooped up inside. So what makes you want to get outside? If nature’s fresh air and beautiful landscapes aren’t enough to tempt you, maybe the many positive health benefits it has might be. Getting outside isn’t just good for your physical health, it’s also great for your mental wellbeing so what are you waiting for, step out and see the world in a new light!     

Here are some of the health benefits that you could experience when getting out in the great outdoors.

Fresh air

Breathing Mother Nature’s fresh air is great for both body and mind. Our lives are so heavily polluted from the minute we wake up that we forget what’s it’s like to truly breathe clean air. Our homes and workplaces are full of chemicals, inadequate ventilation, moisture zapping air conditioning and sometimes (unfortunately) mold. When you leave the house, you are also subjected to car pollution and general emissions from town and city life so taking yourself away from this could be the answer. Getting away, even for just a few days can offer great health benefits and help to clear your mind in the process.

Eases anxiety

Taking a walk and getting out of an environment that puts you in a stressful situation can help to calm anxiety and nerves. Just a simple stroll around the block can alleviate tension and offer you some space to clear your head. This simple exercise also helps if you find yourself overwhelmed in the workplace or lacking in creative inspiration. Getting out and taking a walk even for a just a few minutes can help make things seem clearer in the long run.   

Exercising outdoors 

Many people prefer to sweat it out at the gym especially during the cooler months but taking your exercise outside is not only great for your health, but it’s also ideal for saving some money too. There are many ways to enjoy exercising in the outdoors from running around the local park, trying yoga in a community space or playing sports with a local team. Rishin Patel Insight Medical Partners encourages getting together with people as this can form great bonds with other people, and the local community, plus offers both mental and physical benefits for a healthier lifestyle. 

Getting outside and embracing nature’s playground shouldn’t be a chore. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy the beauty and variety that is on offer. A simple thing such as enjoying a meal outside with family, taking the kids to the park or walking the dog are all easy ways to feel the benefits of fresh air, open spaces and some quality time with your own thoughts. Take a look outside today and see what you can discover.


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