Honoring The National Guard
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Honoring The National Guard

Always ready, always there. The motto of the National Guard is true, and they remain absolutely ready for any threat or extraneous request abroad. In recent years, they have served extended periods on the frontline, making the ultimate sacrifice as just last year a Utah national guardsman was killed in Afghanistan, as so many throughout the years. The general public and institutions of the country do a great job of demonstrating their reverence of these heroes across the nation, but what support do they have monetarily and from private enterprises?

Resources are available freely on the internet to help the military family with managing their tax returns to managing life during service tours. To assist with the matter of cash, support networks and the procurement of housing, Homes for Heroes have stepped in to demonstrate just how much these heroes are appreciated.

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Estate agents all over the country have been contacted and networked by Homes for Heroes, an independent foundation and organizing body set up by a board hoping to find new ways to recognize heroes. The estate agents and brokers in question work to an agreement to find savings for heroes in all types of home transactions – bonuses on sales, reductions on the purchase and possible dispensation during rentals. Homes for Heroes is seeking to provide savings of up to $7,000 via this manner, and have issued savings in the millions to date from their foundation in September 2011.

Provision of cash for home purchases is also provided on already-bought properties. Homes for Heroes benefited a TN guardsman recently, providing assistance with establishing the new family home after a 9 year stint in the services.


As well as the cash benefits provided for the servicemen and women involved with Homes for Heroes, the network also provide support and advice on getting through tough periods to the families of those involved with the network, as well as the individuals themselves. This can be for anything, from the emotional effect of your family member being in active service, to procuring better quality kids equipment.

Those involved have spoken of the positive reinforcement of being supported by estate agents who treated them as people, rather than transactions or a sales opportunity. This is a reflection of Homes for Heroes insistence and MO of providing top level, sensitive support for heroes.


Charity is an important aspect of American life, and philanthropy has gone right to the core of the nation, especially when it comes to our big lenders. Sports stars regularly perform for charity, and big fundraisers are as standard on many networks. This is no different with Homes for Heroes, who have provided grants to heroes via their foundation for years now, totaling in the hundreds of thousands. This provides another aspect to the ability of the organization to better lives, by enabling the provision of assistance to those in destitution.

The heroes of our nation, including the National Guard, would be sorely missed if absent. It’s crucial that we properly honor them, and Homes for Heroes are leading the way in this regard.


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