4 Tips for Back to College Balance

4 Tips for Back to College Balance

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By: Angela Caban

As a military spouse and as someone who went back to school as a mom of young children, I know a thing or two about going back to school and juggling life. Military spouses may have just a little bit more on our plate; raising a family, dealing with deployments, working full time – just to name a few. You might be nearing the end of the fall semester and finding yourself wondering how you are going to get it all done.

Going back to school and balancing life can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean it has to be impossible. Finding a means to balance the demands of our loved ones while staying true to our own needs will help enable us to succeed and help us from being stressed out. Based on my own experiences, here are 4 tips that I have found helpful for managing life and academic studies successfully.

Make a Schedule, Stick to It

Now that you are in school, your schedule needs to be extended and arranged. Because work is at a set time each day, you need to determine where school time fits best. Whether it is early in the morning before anyone is up, or late at night after the kids are in bed. Mark set times on your calendar daily for assignments, reading, tests and any other school work that needs to get done. Don’t cram in what you can with the few spare minutes you may have. Plan ahead and set your schedule weekly, this way you know what you have going on for the week and what you can and can’t do.



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