5 Must-Follow Parade Safety Tips

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By: Angela Caban

Do you remember the excitement of marching in or watching a parade as a kid? Joining in on parade fun with your family is a great outing – no matter the age. Parades are also very budget-friendly, either being inexpensive or, many times, free.

However, now, as a parent, I feel the anxiety that comes along with parades and kids. Times do change and, all of sudden, we are seeing larger crowds and emergency situations. Even if you are attending a family-friendly parade, kids should always be aware of the rules, in order to stay safe and be prepared in the event of an emergency.

So don’t let the anxiety wear you down or keep you from attending that next parade. Here are five must-follow parade safety tips for you and your family.

  1. Stay Behind Barricades: If the parade is set up with barricades, explain the importance of why everyone should remain behind them as well as not leaning or knocking them over.
  2. Lost and Found: Research if the parade has an area where lost kids are taken. Always point out police officers to your kids, and designate an area where they can meet you, in the event they are separated from you.
  3. Night Vision: If the parade is at night, consider purchasing glow sticks that you can carry, or wear around your neck. This will help ensure the kids are seen at night.
  4. Charge Up: Ensure your phones are fully charged before leaving the house. If you have older kids, have them bring their phones, in case of an emergency.
  5. Buddy Check: Set up a buddy system, if you are going with a large group, or have a larger family. Ensure there is always one person per smaller child, typically under the age of 10. Let the kids know that they must walk with their buddy and not separate for any reason.

The most important thing to remember is that parades are a ton of fun for the family. Talking with your kids about the potential emergency situation will ensure they are alert and safe at all times.


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