10 Things Military Spouses Do Best

10 Things Military Spouses Do Best

The life of a military spouse. If you’re reading this and are a spouse you know that this life can be a roller coaster of emotions. Along the ride, we have picked up quite a few techniques and a special set of skills when it comes to deployments, PCS’ing, solo-parenting, and much more.

Military sisters. We all met online and are scattered across the country.

With Military Spouse Appreciation Day tomorrow, we couldn’t think of a better way to honor the military spouses in our lives other than with a list of some of the things we do best. We’ve had our fair share of crash courses and plenty of practice.

With the help of our HUN Team we present to you 10 Things Military Spouses Do Best:

  1. Make best friends out of new acquaintances. It doesn’t matter if we met online 5 years ago and are meeting for the first time in person, we risk it all by not having close online friends. It’s all about sharing our lives, military spouses just get it.
  2. Multitask like a boss. Never ask a military spouse what she did today unless you want to feel like you haven’t done a darn thing. Maybe it’s because we are left alone so often that we just have to step up and get stuff done, or maybe it is because we figure that the more we do, the faster the days go by and the closer we are to homecoming. Whatever the reason, we get shi* done.
  3. Making a temporary house a home. No matter the length of time we’ve been stationed somewhere, we will make that house the sweetest place to live for our family. Also, no matter what needs to get done, we have somehow become a pro at fixing stuff around the house. It is a balance between not wanting to wait for our spouse to get back home, and picking up some tricks from binge watching Fixer Upper.
  4. Solo parenting. We totally didn’t want to see ourselves solo-parenting 24/7, but when we have to, it just needs to happen. We tend to think this one could be the most difficult out of all, but know that in the end – we aren’t screwing up our kids that bad. We thank God for the support of our military community, and other military kids around.
  5. Laugh about our horrible experiences, later on. No matter how bad we mess up, or how much better we could have handled a situation, we will eventually look back and laugh at ourselves. We learn from our mistakes and share those experiences with others. They make the best stories to tell later on.

    We don’t see each other often, but when we do, well…
  6. Make big decisions without our spouse, but with our girlfriends via skype/text. We can’t always wait around for our spouse to talk about something, or we don’t want to stress them out over something they can’t really handle at the moment. Our military spouse friends will give us their honest opinion and we make it work.
  7. Party like it’s going out of style. Who said we need a special occasion to get together and celebrate? One thing we know is that not one moment is taken for granted. We appreciate that things don’t stay the same, therefore we take full advantage of the time we have together.
  8. Step up when needed, no questions asked. Whether you are an online acquaintance or a long-time friend, if you need us, we are there. We may live 900 miles apart, but there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for another military sister or brother.
  9. Make other spouses feel welcome. When we see a new face we take it as an opportunity to add to the madness. We can never have a tribe big enough and even though you may not know us well, it won’t take long before we are calling each other family.
  10. Unpack. Seriously… when we move, we don’t sit down until everything is in place. There may be a few boxes tucked away in the garage that we may never open, but we can move and have a house fully unpacked and ready in less than a week. We know this lifestyle thrives on organization, so we try our hardest to bring normality into the home by NOT living out of boxes.

    Another thing we do best… eat, tell stories and make memories.
What else do military spouses do best? Share with us in the comments below.
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Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

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