A New Christmas Tradition


All the hype over this Elf on the Shelf. I just am not a fan of it.

Enter Guilt…

My kids are the only kids in their class without an Elf. The ONLY ONES WITHOUT a Elf! #MomFail

I was still not going to give into the hype, I just wasn’t pleased with the marketing tactics used, and frankly as a Christian – I wanted something a bit more meaningful for my family. If you do Elf on the Shelf – I am not knocking it at all, I think it is fun, just not what I wanted to use for my family during the Advent season.

Shepherd on the Search was a gift directly from above. Whether you love or hate the idea of the Elf, you will love Shepherd on the Search.

So what is it?

During the Advent season, we practice the time of waiting. This gives children a wonderful sense and concept of what the waiting is and why we do.

The Christmas Advent Activity Play Set shares the retelling of the true story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Page by page you are living the journey with the shepherd. Each night for the advent countdown to Christmas, you hide the shepherd in the most unusual places making the hide-and-seek hunt more exciting as Christmas day approaches. We tell our children that we hide the shepherd to make it fun for all, and it gives others a turn to hide him. Similar to the Elf, we hide him in wacky fun areas of the house.

Activity Set Includes:

Shepherd on the Search Manger Scenes

Soft Plush Shepherd Boy Toy Doll

Full Color Pages in Hardback

How have my children enjoyed it so far? THEY LOVE IT! We read from Luke each evening right before bed and discuss the meaning of Advent and why it is important to wait and not rush right into Christmas. It really has a been a great reminder for us all.

You may be thinking that it is too late to get in n the goodness? Not at all! My sister and her family just recently purchased theirs here, and will be starting next week.



*Disclosure: This is not a paid review. All opinions are my own.*




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