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3 Great Trunk-or-Treat Ideas


“Mom,” she shouts from the other room, “I want to be Kitty Cheshire for Halloween.” Five minutes later she’s changed her mind to another Ever After High character. She goes back and forth each day. Yes, it’s October.

While the weather is turning a little cooler and those of you with foliage are enjoying the colors, it’s time to think about Halloween. This year, it falls on a Monday, which prompts a lot of organizations to schedule their events throughout the weekend.

When I was little, the only thing we did on Halloween was Trick-or-Treat. We’d wander the neighborhoods with our friends while our parents straggled along drinking coffee and waiting at the end of the driveway. Now that I’m a parent myself I’ve learned a few things. The first is that it probably wasn’t coffee in that mug keeping my parents warm those cold evenings.

The second is that Trick-or-Treat has fallen down the list of ‘fun’ things to do on Halloween. In my 1950’s era lifestyle on a military installation where kids roam the streets all day and play until the street lights come on, we still Trick-or-Treat on the actual day of Halloween.

Coupled with the actual evening, there are character parades at school, costume runs at early morning physical training, and unit events. The most popular event is Trunk-or-Treat. I first experienced this as an alternative to trick-or-treating while living in Maryland. One local church had their parking lot set up with creatively decorated cars and the kids would wander between those cars and other events.

Creativity counts when participating in a Trunk-or-Treat, as there are often prizes for the cars with the most style. Here are some great idea on how to transform your trunk into a work of art.

3 Great Trunk-or-Treat Ideas
  1. Gum Ball Machine

I love this idea! While it definitely requires some pre-event work and supplies, it is something easily recognizable, requires no moving parts, and isn’t scary. Kids all know what it is and how to operate it. It’s a great idea for mini vans because those sit higher off the ground. For an added treat, I’d put the candy bowl in the place where the gum ball would fall out.


  1. Mummy Car

If you really want to go low-key and simple, and don’t want to use the trunk, consider the mummy idea. A few white sheets, or paint drop cloths wrapped around the car with big glass paint eyes on the front or back windshield and you’ll be set!


  1. Cat Car

This is really similar to what we did one year. Easy white poster board cut out for teeth. Pool noodles for the whiskers, cardboard for the ears and some eyes. Again, a pretty non-scary decorating job, relatively quick and easy, and pairs perfectly with a black compact car.



Halloween can be a super fun holiday for all ages. As much time as we all spend in our cars, incorporating your car into your celebration gives you a little more freedom with creativity. So get your costumes settled and brainstorm on your trunk-or-treat decorations. Even if you aren’t going to an event, you can set it up in your driveway and attract all the neighborhood kids!

What’s your favorite part about the Halloween festivities?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Steel Market Development Institute. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. Would you explain how you would make the top part of the bubble gum machine please If you have directions how to make the top and bottom of the machine? Was cardboard used for the top part? I would like to do this for our church fall festival.

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