Heartfelt Ways To Remember Our Veterans
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Heartfelt Ways To Remember Our Veterans

As a Nation and around the world we want to pay tribute to our Veterans. They have stood up and selflessly made sacrifices for all of our freedoms. Because of them, we can live the life we lead and hold our values of freedom and democracy. It is right that we come together and make an effort to honor those who have served. If there were a way we could do more, surely we would want to make the most of it. Here are a few suggestions that could allow us to take that thanks out into the community and pay tribute to our veterans on a daily basis.

Heartfelt Ways To Remember Our Veterans
Photo Credit: AAP.com
Photo Credit: AAP.com

Connect with your veterans

It is one thing to reflect on the sacrifices these men and women have made for our country. It is another to actively seek them out in the community. Our veterans are all around us. They are our co-workers and our neighbors. Sadly they may well be among the homeless on our streets. If there were a way to reach out to these individuals, no matter how small, then surely we should take it.

Connecting with and talking to a veteran is a way of letting them know that you care. It means that their sacrifice was not forgotten or brushed away,for many carry the trauma with them. You could get involved in a veteran volunteer program for instance that helped, visited or even brought meals to veterans in the community. Your role may be as simple a donating a cup of coffee to a homeless veteran, but well worth the effort.

Display the symbols of support

Our tributes are bound up with deep and meaningful symbols of support. We all know what it means to see the Stars and Stripes proudly flying in a back yard. Poppies and wreaths are beautiful and heartfelt tributes that we can use to display our connection and our thanks. Why just restrict their use to holidays? What could be a more fitting tribute than a wreath on your door, or even a wreath placed on a veteran’s grave, on any day of the year? Contact worcesterwreath.com to find out how you can get hold of a beautiful wreath to pay your tribute. Wreaths can be hung on doors or placed in windows. You could simply lay flowers in the same way. How about wearing a poppy symbol? You could even invest in a few veteran pride t-shirts to let everyone know how you feel.

Help our Children and community connect

Most of us either know of or have veterans in our family. How much do we really know about the conflicts they sacrificed their lives in? This is especially true for our young ones. The more you can discover by reading and research, the more you will be keeping that memory alive. Perhaps you could help and encourage others to find out as much as you can about the servicemen in their family. You could begin a personal, online, school wide or even a community project.


The truth is we never want to forget those in our community or those who gave their lives for us. Surely it is our duty to keep their memories alive as well as letting them know on a daily basis how grateful we are for their sacrifice, every day of the year.


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