How To Support Your Partner Throughout A Military Career

milpostSeeing your partner join the military couldn’t make you any prouder. On the other hand, it will add some testing challenges to your relationship. There are times where a career on duty will make life difficult for both of you, but your solidarity will see you overcome those obstacles.

At this time, it’s imperative that the non-serving half of the partnership offers full support. Here’s everything you can do to make things that little bit easier.

Help With Paperwork

Arguably the best help you can provide is when it comes to landing the job. Assisting your partner through the process doesn’t only boost their endeavors. But it also displays your support and acceptance of the career choice.

Providing support in this fashion is something that continues throughout their career. When it comes to ending their activities, many servicemen will ask ‘how do I request a dd214?’. Conducting the research yourself can make a telling impact by speeding up the process. Perfect.

Be Understanding

If you think the decision is hard for you, think about how difficult it is for your partner. As well as taking on the challenges of being on active duty, they need to get used to a complete change of lifestyle. The last thing they need is an unsupported partner.

There’s a strong chance that your partner is feeling guilty. Remove those emotions from the equation and the time with the forces will be far more productive.

Preparing The Children

In many cases, you aren’t the only two people that need to be considered. If children are involved, it’s imperative that you prepare them for the transition. After all, this is a difficult change for their young minds to comprehend.

Ultimately, your partner is serving in the military to provide a better family for you and the children. The knowledge that everyone back home is happy and coping will make a world of difference. Above all else, be sure to show your pride.

Make Time Together Count

A career in this field is going to produce testing moments. No matter how tough things get while you’re apart, it’s imperative that you make the most of any leave together. Readjusting to time with your partner can be difficult for everyone, including the children. The key is to try and make things normal.

It’s important to keep some sense of romance alive. Meanwhile, finding the right blend of relaxation and entertainment is a must. Ultimately, if you enjoy this time together, your time apart will feel a little less difficult.

Raise Money

Your partner is a hero. But there are plenty of others out there. Quite frankly, one of the best ways to show support of your individual hero is to do a charitable deed in honor of everyone. Whether it’s running a marathon or hosting an evening, those endeavors are a fantastic display of commitment to the cause.
Besides, you’ll be sure to gain personal satisfaction from those good deeds. It can also be used as a productive way to help the kids feel connected to their absent parent too. What more incentive could you need?


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