My Summertime Fling: Wildwood Days
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My Summertime Fling: Wildwood Days

We know by mid-November where we will be taking our annual summer vacation. This year we decided on Virginia Beach, VA early in July. It was breathtaking. We stayed in a small resort area where we were only 1 block from the beach and had the bay off our deck. It was a perfectly planned trip and by the time we returned home, we were exhausted. Fast forward to early August. Back-to-school season already sprung and I was anxiously planning for the new year. However I felt this emptiness in me, like there was something we didn’t do and needed to.

Did you ever feel like there is a place that brings you back to your happy place as a child? A place where it feels like home, and you know that it has changed you for the best.

Because our military family has been through so many separations, we take full advantage of family trips, and one trip we make every year has always been down the shore to Wildwood beach. As a Jersey girl, I have been going every year since I could remember, I practically grew up going down the shore. But this year, we had made the choice to save money and skip the trip. Boy was I feeling like a spoiled brat. As I nagged my husband about how empty I felt, he just stared at me and kindly reminded me of the vacation we took just one month earlier. I was quiet on the topic for about 2 days until my husband crept into the room and said, “wow, it doesn’t feel like summer without a trip to Wildwood.” HE UNDERSTOOD!

We planned a short end of summer getaway for 4 nights, we planned to enjoy the heck out of this summer and make it memorable for the kids. This has more to do with staying at fancy hotels, eating expensive food, and buying all the souvenirs in the shops… this was a childhood memory being re-created for my children. An opportunity to make those memories for them and to experience the one thing that made my childhood memorable. And we know memories could be easily created without spending so much, but this year, we have to thank Morey’s Pier for allowing us to visit and help us create some awesome memories for our children.

Nostalgic Wildwood, 1950’s

A little bit about Morey’s Pier

In the 1950’s, brothers Bill and Will Morey were both successful entrepreneurs in the Wildwoods, NJ. Bill operated concessions along the boardwalk, while Will was a successful contractor and developer, building the “Doo Wop”-style motels that now characterize the town. And I think that is exactly what gives Wildwood that charm. You feel as if you have been transported back into the 50’s, and as someone who has a very old soul (yes, even at 30), this makes me feel as if I belong in that time.

Overall, a successful trip – and we did all our normal fun activities. Amusement park, tramcar rides, lazy beach days, splashing around in the pool, boardwalk games, delicious seafood and greasy trucks. Cound’t have asked for a better time with my gang!

Here is a little sneak peak of all the awesomeness my family had, it truly was a WILD vacation. 🙂

We spent 4 days creating memories as a family, just as I once did. My hope is that my children grow up and look back with a smile on their face, and love in their hearts.


*All opinions in this piece are my own. Morey’s Pier provided my family with park passes for 3 days and various restaurant vouchers for our stay.*


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